Krebels Roadmap: Where We Are And Where We Are Going

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With a constantly evolving technological landscape, a roadmap outlining the direction of any project is a necessity to guarantee its success.

We, the KRebels team, at the forefront of the revolutionary concept of NFTs, have decided to take a step forward and introduce our roadmap to our growing community that loves blockchain metaverses and NFTs.

This step involves rolling out a solid roadmap with achievable milestones and realistic objectives, supported by the needs of our target market segment: A good cause to save endangered species like the Australian Koalas.

With widespread industry adoption forecasted by 2023 and the potential to generate nearly USD 3.1 trillion in new business value by 2030, blockchain technology has the potential to create, alongside decentralized metaverses, a new economy that will push the boundaries between the physical and virtual worlds.

KRebels will have a preponderant role in this new economy being created, beyond the hype behind NFTs. The reality is that the future is already here and we would like to introduce our role in that future as a platform proposing a truly new concept in the industry.

The goal is to bring our Koalas home, to our Metaverse forest, where holders will be able to participate in educational activities, private events, and other interactive and fun experiences where they have the opportunity to play and earn crypto.

The KRebels roadmap is a summary of the development of our platform, organized in six key points that will be accomplished in stages:

PHASE I: Community and Airdrops – Q4-2021
In this first phase a lot has happened in our project! We have opened our official account on Opensea, the industry’s first decentralized marketplace where you will be able to appreciate our collection once the first generation of KRebels is launched.

We have spread the word in important industry media to publicize the benefits of the project and thus get the attention of lovers of good causes and the community in general.

KRebels has been present in media such as Cointelegraph, Yahoo Finance, Hackernoon, Vents Magazine, Disrupt Magazine, among other important media in the blockchain industry.

In this first phase, marketing efforts have been aimed at establishing alliances with agencies such as Momentum 6 to help us in the visual management of the project before the industry.

As part of our original concept of a roadmap focused on engaging the community to guide us in the direction of the project, we have run some interesting contests on our Discord channel to reward interesting ideas, commitment, and good vibes from our koala loving community.

We’ve also opened Prime Koala, a way to reward our most ardent supporters with perks including double voting on project management, early access to sales through the Whitelist, and more exclusive benefits!

In this last quarter of the year, we have covered two aspects of the six growth strategy points of our KRebels roadmap and will continue to dedicate our efforts to carrying out the rest of the project life stage!

Phase II: Charity and New World – Q2-2022
In this phase, KRebels plans to launch its first generation of NFTs with unique traits that encourage awareness about the preservation of Koalas, with early access for those individuals who managed to participate in our first phase in the whitelist.

In parallel, once KRebels NFT koala sales are activated, as part of our commitment we will give a percentage of the profits to projects focused on the preservation of koalas.

To do this, we will make efforts to cooperate with those institutions that demonstrate a sustainable and credible project in favor of the endangered koalas.

In this phase, KRebels will allow unique and rare NFTs to be minted on its platform through five simple steps, through the Ethereum Blockchain.

Through partnerships with some of the most important metaverses in the industry, NFT koalas can be used to create a digital pool in the metaverse, thus creating a “New World” for our koalas that promotes species awareness in general.

In these metaverses with the use of these digital reserves, KRebels envisions engaging users in educational events to raise awareness about koalas.

Phase III: Video Game and Long Life – Q3 2022
The KRebels team with the help of the community foresees in this phase to be able to allow the blockchain interoperability of its koala NFTs in various blockchains compatible with Ethereum.

Thanks to interoperability, NFTs can be used in the metaverse to play and get rewarded for it, based on Play-to-Earn mechanics.

Our community will continue to be a fundamental pillar in the project, and in this phase the giving back of a percentage of the royalty fees to the community will be activated.

In addition, in this phase, a kind of decentralized autonomous community (DAO) will be activated whereby our community members can give their opinions, and participate and vote on the improvements proposed for the future development of the project.

The second generation of KRebels NFTs is expected to be released, in collaboration with prominent artists from the community.

About KRebels
KRebels is an NFT project focused on the intersection of cutting-edge technology, art, and saving the endangered Koala.

The project uses blockchain technology to raise awareness for a good cause. KRebels’ in-house artist has created 9,999 different koala-inspired artworks that are minting as unique NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Disclaimer : The above empty space does not represent the position of this platform. If the content of the article is not logical or has irregularities, please submit feedback and we will delete or correct it, thank you!

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