Keanu Reeves revealed that he holds cryptocurrencies! Talking about NFT with a smile: Is it easy to be reproduced?

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Hollywood superstar Keanu Reeves (Keanu Reeves) said in an interview a few days ago that he holds some cryptocurrencies and revealed that these cryptocurrencies were bought by his friends a while ago.

Although it is currently unknown which cryptocurrency Sikkinu Reeves holds, he said that he has not yet used this asset because it is not necessary.

Then reporter Alex Heath explained that when you insist on not touching your cryptocurrency, it is called HODL (keeping the currency, hoarding the currency). What's interesting is that Keanu Reeves may still be confused about the usage of HODL. He responded and said, yes, I have some HODL (Yeah, I have a little HODL).

Keanu Reeves was interviewed by “TheVerge” reporter Alex Heath during the promotion of “The Matrix: Resurrection”. While discussing the movie, in addition to the topic of cryptocurrency, the well-known actor also mentioned in the interview The NFT of The Matrix.

Warner Pictures, the publisher of "The Matrix: Resurrection", has always been actively involved in the field of cryptocurrency. Before the movie was released, it launched 100,000 "The Matrix" series NFTs at a unit price of $50, allowing fans to become "The Matrix: Resurrection". 》Part of the virtual world.

As we all know, NFT (non-homogeneous token) is a digital collection based on the blockchain, and the form is quite diverse. It can be pictures, audio and video, game props, etc., advertised as unique, immutable, and digital scarcity. Many people They all believe that they have collection value and are vying to invest.

However, when Keanu Reeves was asked what he thought of the concept of NFT digital scarcity and inability to be replicated, he said before the reporter asked him, but it is still easy to be reproduced (Reproduced also refers to reproduction, Imitation), and then laugh out loud.

Keanu Reeves said frankly that he has not had a chance to see the NFT of the "The Matrix" series, but he is curious, can he get a piece of it?

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