Jordan and his son founded a cryptocurrency company and have raised 10 million US dollars

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Projects based on cryptocurrency have appeared endlessly, this time it was Jordan and his son Jeffrey Jordan (Jeffrey Jordan).

According to a report by Sportico, Jordan and his son jointly established a new start-up company HEIR. The company has raised $10 million in seed round funding, led by Thrive Capital, Chicago Bulls guard Lonzo Ball, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian (Alexis Ohanian), Solana Ventures and others also participated.

Daniel George and Jeron Smith, founder of Limitless Creative, are also the co-founders of HEIR. Smith Hay is the former CEO of Stephen Curry’s media company Unanimous Media and Co-founder.

HEIR will launch a blockchain-based platform in 2022 to connect athletes and fans. On the HEIR platform, athletes can initiate activities, and only fans who have purchased the corresponding digital tokens can participate. Community members can get various benefits, such as athlete information, exclusive souvenirs and other digital goods. Prior to this, NBA player Spencer Dinwiddie (Spencer Dinwiddie) also created a similar currency project Calaxy.

At present, HEIR’s target athletes are NBA players. In the future, college athletes and preparatory athletes can use the dividends of NCAA open endorsements to develop their own communities on

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