Introduce real-world asset lending and the Swiss Bank SEBA proposal! AAVE rose by over 70%

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Lending platform Aave announced a partnership with crypto company Centrifuge to use real-world assets as collateral through tokenization. The native token Centrifuge (CFG) will be used as an additional reward. In addition, Swiss SEBA Bank submitted a governance proposal to apply for a whitelist, and plans to move institutional users Sexually import Aave.


Centrifuge implements asset tokenization through its open source DeFi platform Tinlake, and tokenizes various businesses of the company, including real estate, non-convertible corporate bonds, trade receivables, financial technology debt financing, and so on.

There are currently 11 Real World Assets (RWA) markets with APY between 3% and 10%, which fluctuate according to market liquidity and asset class. AAVE holders can also add more differences through governance proposals market.

Centrifuge also issues 9,250 native tokens CFG daily as additional rewards, just like the liquidity mining of real-world assets.

Stani Kulechov, founder of Aave, stated in the announcement: The RWA market is not only an area where Aave and other lending agreements urgently need to be deployed, but also an important part of the overall DeFi. It is Aave's vision to eliminate the barriers to use so that everyone can use DeFi. I am very happy to be able to This goal is achieved through Centrifuge's real-world asset mortgage.

Swiss SEBA Bank Proposal

On 12/21, Swiss SEBA Bank also submitted a governance proposal to Aave, applying to be a whitelist for Aave's institutional lending platform Aave Arc, and planned to introduce institutional user liquidity to Aave.

Note: Aave's institutional lending platform was originally called Aave Pro, and was renamed Aave Arc in late July.

SEBA is a Swiss regulated bank that integrates digital assets and traditional assets and provides services to professional and institutional clients. Initially, SEBA provided cryptocurrency and mortgage services. Since then, users have also shown great interest in DeFi revenue.

However, due to regulatory restrictions, SEBA's institutional clients cannot deploy large-scale liquidity in Aave until the launch of Aave Arc, which provides SEBA users with the opportunity to obtain DeFi benefits while meeting regulatory requirements.

Aave will conduct necessary due diligence on Aave Arc participants. The proposal is still in the discussion stage, but SEBA believes that the bank’s situation is quite ideal, providing users with a flexible and fully regulated platform, and at the same time injecting a lot of money into Aave Arc. fluidity.

The governance token AAVE rose by 75% after the 21st, approaching US$300, and adjusted back to US$256.9 with the broader market before the deadline.

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