Internet rumours that India adopts Bitcoin as legal currency? The reason was that Prime Minister Modi's Twitter account was stolen

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Indian Prime Minister Modi’s Twitter account was hacked, and this is not the first time his account has been hacked. Yesterday, hackers hijacked the Twitter account of the Prime Minister of India. The account suddenly announced that India had adopted Bitcoin as legal tender, and falsely claimed to distribute Bitcoin to its citizens. The officials subsequently responded and confirmed that the Prime Minister's Twitter was indeed hacked and called on the public to ignore the information provided when the account was hacked.

Internet rumours that India adopts Bitcoin as legal currency? The reason was that Prime Minister Modi’s Twitter account was stolen

On the social media Twitter, Indian Prime Minister Modi Narendra Modi, who has 73.4 million followers, was hacked yesterday (12). He used the account to fake a post claiming that India will adopt Bitcoin as legal tender and will also allocate 500 Bitcoins were given to local residents in India in an attempt to lure Twitter users to click on phishing links.

Entrepreneur Tehseen Poonawalla's Twitter first tweeted whether the Twitter account of the Prime Minister of India was really stolen, and then forwarded the screenshots of netizens and said that we have confirmed again that Modi's account was hacked.

Poonawalla also reposted a screenshot of Modi's tweet taken by a netizen at the time. The screenshot showed that the Indian government has officially adopted Bitcoin as its legal currency. The government has officially purchased 500 bitcoins and is preparing to distribute them to all citizens. Hurry up (scam link), the future has arrived.

Shortly after the hacker’s brief intrusion, the unauthorized tweet was quickly deleted, and the official account of the Prime Minister’s Office also came out to confirm that the Prime Minister’s account was hacked.

"Prime Minister Modi's account was briefly obtained by hackers. Twitter has been submitted to the official level, and the account was immediately protected. Please ignore any shared tweets during the period when the account was temporarily hacked."

This is not the first time that Twitter has been hacked

However, it is not the first time Modi's Twitter account has been hacked. In fact, this is not the first time Modi’s personal Twitter account has been hacked and used as a cryptocurrency-related scam.

According to a foreign media "Cointelegraph" report, as early as September 2020, it was attacked by a hacker under the alias of John Wick. In a series of tweets, the hacker asked fans to donate generously to the Prime Minister’s Covid-19 National Relief Fund through cryptocurrency, and provided crypto wallet addresses for Bitcoin and Ethereum for Twitter fans to donate. The post was later officially deleted. Fortunately, according to the data on the chain, no funds were sent to the hacker's designated address during this period.

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