Intel's first Arc graphics card will be unveiled next year! Intel vice president: no limit on mining power

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Intel has recently shown its ambitions to attack the GPU field. Its first Arc discrete graphics card will be released next year. It is said to have the highest performance comparable to the RTX 3070Ti, which is directed at NVIDIA's current strongest field. More importantly, unlike NVIDIA, Intel does not intend to limit the mining performance of Arc series graphics cards.

According to the official development code name published earlier, the graphics card codenamed Alchemist (alchemist) will be the fastest to debut.

Roger Chandler, vice president of Intel and general manager of PC client graphics products and solutions, said in an interview a few days ago that the Intel Arc and Alchemist series of products are designed with the player first and creator first, and all functions and optimizations are to ensure the game Players and creators create value.

When it comes to functions such as Software Lockout (lockout, limit mining), Roger Chandler said that Intel's products are not designed specifically for miners, and similar functions are not built. As for whether actions will be taken to block miners in the future? He pointed out that the Arc graphics card is a product that will enter the market and be available to the general public, so this is not a priority.

In this regard, Intel Chief Architect Raja Koduri also said that Intel will not do any additional actions.

In order to alleviate the shortage of the graphics card market, in addition to announcing the launch of the industrial-grade dedicated mining card CMP in February this year, NVIDIA also stated that it will limit the cryptocurrency mining power of the GeForce series graphics cards as long as the graphics card driver detects that the user is mining , It will directly cut the mining power in half.

In the first quarter of the fiscal year ending May 2, NVIDIA earned $155 million in revenue from CMP graphics cards alone.

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