Inheritance Art Is Redefining NFTs With a New Generation of Masterpieces

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Inheritance Art is a platform that specializes in hyper-realistic, holographic art. Its foray into the NFT space was born out of the need for there to be more intricate and compelling art in the space. Presently, the artworks that dominate this space are modern art from artists who are all trying to recreate the current trend, thereby leading to the creation of similar and indifferentiable art.

Other forms of art like fine art rarely make it to the forefront in a space like this. The NFT market is new and exciting and has no doubt grown a lot since its inception, but it still has a lot of growing to do in this aspect. This is why Inheritance Art is purposefully creating the space for it. It is bringing sophistication and grace to NFTs, providing investors with a unique experience from what they’re used to.

Bringing Timeless Masterpieces To The Blockchain
There are pieces of artwork that are so valuable that the current holders would never consider selling them. These artworks are either sitting in the home of some billionaire or a museum. Take the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci as an example. This incredible piece of artwork would never really be sold by its current holder, which is the Louvre in France. But what if you could own a lifelike digital version of the Mona Lisa?

Inheritance Art is using cutting-edge technology coupled with some of the most talented digital artists, to bring these timeless pieces to life in what would be the new generation of masterpieces. Digital versions of these works will be commissioned by their current holders and then created by talented animators and artists specializing in hyperrealistic graphics to create a lifelike digital version of the piece.

These digital versions would be essentially holograms that can be viewed using spatial reality displays and sold as NFTs. The two-dimensional intelligent NFTs created by Inheritance Art would be integrated with robust databases and capable of natural language processing. Thus, people are able to communicate with these pieces. This is miles ahead of any interactive digital assets in the space.

The Mind Behind Inheritance Art
Vincent Peters is the Chief Designer for Inheritance Art and is the brains behind the platform. The graduate of West Point had studied systems engineering and holds graduate certifications from MIT Sloan and Oxford. Vincent had previously worked for Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Starlink companies and is also the Chief Design at the Rex Mundi sports analytics platform.

Vincent’s background in the art industry runs deep as he has established multiple private galleries in Los Angeles where he has showcased the future where Inheritance brings memories to life. However, he had made the move into the NFTs after various calls for better artistic representations in the space, and Inheritance Art was the result.

Vincent is working to bring fine art to the NFT space by recreating digital holographic representations of fine art masterpieces. These intricate and lifelike pieces are marketed towards those who want to experience rare fine artworks but are unable to access them.

Inheritance Art was created with a vision for the future of NFTs and fine art, and using cutting-edge technology to revolutionize space. It is a glimpse into the future of art and how people will experience them.

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