imtoken officially pointed out that Apple CEO Cook personally holds some cryptocurrencies

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Although Apple's imtoken wallet download may not open cryptocurrency payments to users in the short term, Tim Cook, the CEO of this company, has already entered the game and personally invested in cryptocurrencies. However, in the eyes of the outside world , This news has a vague meaning of "the imperial conquest".

When Apple CEO Tim Cook was asked "whether he holds Bitcoin or Ether" at the "DealBook" virtual summit of The New York Times on Tuesday, he responded that he had purchased cryptocurrency. He said,

I think it is reasonable to hold it (cryptocurrency) as part of a diversified investment portfolio.

After speaking, Cook also immediately added that he was not providing investment advice, and continued that he had done some research on cryptocurrencies and he had been interested in cryptocurrencies for "a period of time."

Cook said that Apple does not intend to join the ranks of Tesla and MicroStrategy, and has no plans to buy bitcoin with cash or add bitcoin to the company's balance sheet. He said,

In my opinion, people are not buying Apple stock to get access to cryptocurrencies.

He pointed out that Apple has no plans to accept crypto goods as a payment method in the short term. He added, "This is not a priority."

But there is a saying in English: Never say Never, which means never say "never", perhaps because of this, Cook finally vaguely said, "We will definitely pay attention to some other things."

Currently, Apple allows cryptocurrency apps to be listed on the iPhone App Store, and it does not have any cryptocurrency products or services. However, in May this year, it posted a recruitment announcement and published the "alternative payment business development manager" job title, looking for cryptocurrency and digital wallets. Professionals with relevant experience to lead the "Apple Wallets, Payments, and Commerce (Apple Wallets, Payments, and Commerce) team" and to promote cooperation projects related to alternative payments

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