Iguodala gives out bitcoin benefits worth 1 million to fans

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Iguodala has reached the end of his career and his annual salary is not high, but he still decided to give out $1 million worth of bitcoin to fans.

Warriors players seem to be particularly interested in investing in digital currencies, with Curry investing in NFT tokens before.

Iguodala is not far behind, he announced on his personal social media that he will invest in Bitcoin.

According to him, he will spend part of his annual salary of $2.64 million to buy bitcoin. At the same time, in order to promote and strengthen the circulation of bitcoin, he will distribute bitcoin worth 1 million US dollars to fans.

Fans all over the world, as long as they have a bitcoin wallet and follow Iguodala, are likely to receive gifts.

Over the course of Iguodala's career, he has grossed $180 million in pre-tax wages. Last season with the Heat, he also took in an annual salary of $15 million. However, this season, he took the veteran base salary of only $2.647 million.

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