How to treat the "nonsense" stories of NFT.

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ens of thousands of dollars, hundreds of thousands of dollars

Even tens of millions of dollars in NFT

These are so sensational stories

But it's a real reality

What exactly is NFT?


NFT stands for frequent digital assets out of the circle

A digital mosaic painting at Christie’s auction

Sold for $69.35 million


The weird thing is

The winning bidder did not get anything tangible

No painting

No prints

But got a digital token of NFT

NFT is a non-homogeneous token

What is different from other digital assets is

It is unique and indivisible

Two bitcoins can be exchanged at will

In the digital world

All content can be copied without restriction

But there are many assets and scenes that are not allowed to be copied

Such as artworks, collections, intellectual property rights, identity authentication, etc.

NFT every asset

It can naturally express its unique and complete value existence

This represents a future of digital value

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