How These Ordinary Selfies Are Worth Over $1MM As NFTs

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Ghozalu had been taking pictures of himself since 2017 since he was 17 years old with the plain purpose of creating a YouTube graduation video in the future. There were no big intentions, no art statement intended, just a common college student documenting a small part of his life: basically just his face in front of a computer.

Ghozali Gave OpenSea A Shot
NFTs live in an extra-random world.

Many are jumping into the non-fungible tokens craze. Some are making millions and some haven’t seen their first sales yet.

So what does it take for an NFT collection to boom when you are not a celebrity? Consistency? Creativity? Quality? There is no step to step for this.

“It’s really a picture of me standing in front of the computer day by day.”

Ghozali Ghozalu had certainly been constant, but there are many similar photography projects in the world –several of them could arguably provide more quality– and that does not mean all of them could have bombed into 277.4928 ETH (around $932,366 in today’s Ethereum price) in a 7-day sales volume like Ghozalu’s project did.

In his case, his innocent approach to the NFT world was to simply give it a shot, see what could happen. Then, the meme culture catapulted the tokens.

The Ghozali Everyday cult is fun and –so far– unproblematic.


NFT owners usually use the most precious pieces from their collections as profile pics on social media. This tends to look like a digital illustration that can be easily recognized inside the NFT community. However, imagine having Ghozalu’s face as a Twitter profile picture instead.
This turned into a manifestation of the NFT culture that not even Ghozalu understands completely. He recently tweeted:
“today sold more than 230+ and until now I don’t understand why you want to buy NFT photos of me !!! but i thank you guys for 5 years of effort paid off”


Ghozalu started by selling his 933 NFTs for $3 apiece and made $3000 during the first sale.

Two days after, the collection had a peak of roughly 1 ETH for each NFT and has now settled down to a floor price of 0.38 ETH with 277 ETH in traded volume, this means the floor price is currently worth around $1.4 million and has flirted with $3 million.

The collection made it to the top 40 –currently ranked as number 31– of NFTs on OpenSea ranked by volume, floor price, and other statistics with a 72,000% gain in trading activity.

Now, the cheapest NFT sells for 0.475 ETH ($1,500)

Many buyers have listed his NFTs from 0.37 ETH ($1,250.25) to 66,346 ETH ($224,349,662.46) and more in the past few hours.

The first supporters of the project were NFT whales like the Indonesian celebrity chef Arnold Poernomo, who already uses one of Ghonzalu’s selfies’ as a profile picture, and having 5 million followers on Twitter helped boost the collection.

Several other NFT whales joined in, allegedly to help Ghozalu make an extra income.

As crazy as it might sound, this common college student’s life just changed because he made the decision to turn his not-so-original project into NFTs.

by Julia Arvelaiz

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