How The Flux Ecosystem Will Take Web 3.0 To The Masses With 30-in-30 Community Event。

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The evolution of the internet will be supported by blockchain technology in a new era dubbed Web 3.0. The Flux ecosystem, a series of blockchain-as-a-service tools and decentralized computing services, has launched an initiative called Flux 30-in-30 to contribute to the development and growth of Web 3.0.

Flux has been created to provide developers with the means to build real-world use cases on an accessible blockchain platform. Over the past months, the ecosystem has rolled out significant improvements, and this new initiative signals their impressive progress as a potential hub for Web 3.0 dApps.

According to an official post published by the team behind Flux, the Flux 30-in-30 is a historic moment and could potentially see the introduction of dApps designed to change people’s everyday life. The post claimed the following:

These apps will strengthen the Flux ecosystem and add more utilities that will be part of our businesses and daily lives

The team behind Flux also emphasized the capacity for developers around the world to leverage the tools available in the ecosystem and apply them with a unique approach in the crypto space. Flux has managed to attract many users, at the time of writing, with 800 terabytes of storage divided into 2,300 nodes worldwide.

Flux was launched to address two major issues with the industry and blockchain technology, many protocols rely on centralized services, as it’s the case of Ethereum DeFi and Infura, and many projects are based on a false advertisement with no real use case.

The Flux-30-in-30 goes to show how far this ecosystem has gone to reach its objective. The team behind Flux added:

Web 3.0 is here to stay, and Flux is making it happen in grand style. There will be complete metaverses and other irresistible utilities coming your way soon.

The Flux Ecosystem Explodes, The dApps Poised To Onboard New Users
The event has seen the introduction of over 20 dApps on Flux, displaying this ecosystem flexibility and capacity to host different protocols. As part of the 30-in-30 event, one dApp has been launched every day in December with a special focus on the community, as the project has attempted to since its inception.

The first dApp deployed on Flux as a part of the event is called the Minecraft Bedrock Edition server. This gaming dApp is an on-chain version of the popular title and it’s available to play on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and even mobile.

This could potentially be one the biggest implementations of a game using blockchain technology and was accompanied, on day 2, by a privacy focus dApp called PrivateBin. This dApp can be used for users to guard and protect their personal data using a Zero-Knowledge Proof model with AES-256 encryption.

In addition, the Flux ecosystem welcomed Owncast on the event’s third day. This dApp could be an excellent complement for PrivateBin as it’s a streaming service that would keep users protected against censorship for any reason. The project is self-hosted, decentralized, and similar to other big platforms in terms of interface and accessibility.

Flux also welcomed a media streaming dApp called Sync Tube, a voice-over IP system for gaming communities called Teamspeak, a game called Valheim, and a gaming platform called Terraria. Few other projects that were launched as part of the 30-in-30 event include – a secure professional diagramming tool, Minetest open-source game environment, Devlife web browser-based incremental clicker game, Posio geography game, Ark — Survival Evolved game server, Presearch and Whoogle search engines among others.

The Flux ecosystem continues to onboard many attractive entertainment, productivity, communication, and privacy applications which will come in handy in conducting day-to-day activities. The growing community along with the increasing number of dApps will position Flux as a strong Web 3.0 ecosystem by the end of this year while presenting a huge growth potential throughout 2022 and beyond.

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