How Chingari Became India's Number One Social App on Google Play

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Homegrown video-sharing application Chingari has been growing multifold. Founded by Sumit Ghosh, Deepak Salvi, Aditya Kothari, and Biswatma Nayak in November 2018, it has close to 100 million downloads in India and over 32 million daily active users.

Now, Chingari is well-poised to take advantage of its growing user base and rising popularity by launching its distributed ledger technology and cryptocurrency in October. Chingari has created its own digital token called $GARI. The cryptocurrency launch and its pole position on Google Play should continue to help the app to grow in size in terms of users.

Venture capitalists are optimistic about Chingari’s long-term prospects as the latter successfully raised $6 million in funding through $GARI’s Initial Dex Offering on the SolRazr platform.

$GARI is built on the Solana blockchain and has the advantage of fast, low-cost transaction speeds. Chingari has created opportunities for influencers and other creators to monetize content through a channel that allows the sale of physical merchandise and NFTs.

Chingari expanded its user base in India
Chingari also offers its users features to sing, lip-sync, dance, film all kinds of videos, create voice-over scenes, showcase various comedy or create videos with music in the background before sharing content.

The app has also been designed to cater to users from different language backgrounds offering users the ability to use the app in over twenty languages, including English, Hindi, Bangla, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu.

In addition to creating and sharing video content, this creator-centric space draws in talent that can lead to some of the most engaging content for users. Additionally, users can showcase support for their favorite creators and musicians.

The app ensures a user-friendly experience and offers features like adding special effects and popular filters to videos, thereby enabling the creation of more engaging content. Users can use the app without signing in. Additionally, it requires special permission to access the mobile phone’s camera and microphone, ensuring that user privacy is maintained.

Chingari’s expanding suite of solutions and easy-to-use features has allowed the platform to compete with established giants including Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Chingari is now one of India’s most popular social networks on Google’s Play Store. It is available for free to download on Google Play and is easily accessible to anyone with a smart mobile device.

In case, Chingari manages to onboard crypto enthusiasts on its platform it should maintain its pole position on the Play Store.

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