HIVE Increasing Hashpower By 585 PH/s By Buying 6,500 High Performance Bitcoin Miners

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This news release constitutes a "designated news release" for the purposes of the Company's prospectus supplement dated February 2, 2021 to its short form base shelf prospectus dated January 27, 2021.

Vancouver, British Columbia--(Newsfile Corp. - October 21, 2021) - HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd. (TSXV: HIVE) (Nasdaq: HIVE) (FSE: HBF) (the "Company" or "HIVE") is excited to announce the purchase of 6,500 next generation Bitcoin miners.

These new machines have an aggregate hash power of 585 Petahash per second (PH/s). The integration of these miners into HIVE's systems will be made in tranches over the next 130 days. They will be placed in existing facilities, and in our newly constructed data centres at our campus in New Brunswick, Canada.

Next Generation Miner Expansion

This new equipment sourced from a top global manufacturer is expected to be received and in operation by the end of February 2022 in 3 tranches, with 3,000 miners in December 2021, 3,100 miners in January 2022 and 400 miners in February 2022.

At the current difficulty and Bitcoin price these purchased miners will generate approximately an additional 3.7 Bitcoin per day, or equivalent to an additional US$250,000 in daily income, or US$7,500,000 in monthly run rate income. Bitcoin continues to have a daily volatility of plus or minus 6% and investors should be aware of this volatility. It is a high risk, high reward investment.

Frank Holmes, Executive Chairman of HIVE stated "We are pleased to be building on our strategic alliances with leading ASIC manufacturer Canaan to achieve our goals and drive value for our shareholders, with executing on a transaction that increases our cash flow and green mining capacity. Frank continued, "HIVE currently has approximately 1.2 Exahash per second (EH/s) of Bitcoin mining capacity, and with this new purchase, HIVE's Bitcoin ASIC pipeline will be at 2 EH/s by December 2021, and 3 EH/s by March 2022. In addition to this, we are expanding our current active Ethereum mining capacity from approximately 4,000 Gigahash per second (GH/s), to 6,000 GH/s in new facilities in Sweden."

This announcement is part of our continuing strategy to increase our bitcoin mining capacity. HIVE intends to continue utilizing cash flow to make opportunistic investments in ASIC and GPU next generation mining equipment that can provide positive gross mining margins to generate the highest cash flow per share returns on invested capital.

HODL Strategy

We continue to HODL our Bitcoin production. This new production along with our monthly deliveries of previously announced miners will quickly accelerate building up our Bitcoin reserves. Presently we hold 1,266 Bitcoin in custodial wallets. Our goal of two Exahash (2 EH/s) of pure Bitcoin mining, without factoring in attractive cash flow from Ethereum production conversion, by the end of this calendar year.

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