HIVE Blockchain Presents December 2021 Production and Calendar Year 2021 Figures

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HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd. (TSXV: HIVE) (Nasdaq: HIVE) (FSE: HBF) (the "Company" or "HIVE") is pleased to announce the production figures from the Company's global Bitcoin and Ethereum mining operations for the month of December 2021, with a BTC HODL balance of 1,813 Bitcoin as of December 31, 2021.

December 2021 Production Figures

HIVE is pleased to announce its December 2021 production figures. The Company notes it currently has:

245 BTC Produced

1.7 Exahash of Bitcoin mining capacity

2,178 ETH Produced

4.45 Terahash of Ethereum mining capacity

Frank Holmes, Executive Chairman of HIVE stated "We are very pleased to report HIVE has continued its strong momentum in expanding our Bitcoin hashing power even as the network difficulty rose. As of today, we are producing approximately 8.8 BTC a day. Our Bitcoin hashing power increased in December and at the calendar year-end our hashrate was 1.7 Exahash, which translated into a 12% increase in BTC mining on a month over month basis, while BTC prices corrected."

Aydin Kilic, President & COO of HIVE noted "We continue to educate the investing public and crypto enthusiasts on the financial relationship between BTC and ETH mining. The Company believes its unique position of having a large Bitcoin and Ethereum mining footprint provides investors with a unique value proposition. Mr. Kilic continued, "Similarly, where one can equate hashrate on a revenue basis between BTC and ETH, you can also equate the value of the coins daily. As such the ETH that HIVE produced during the month of December is approximately equal in value to producing a monthly total of 179 BTC, which we refer to as Bitcoin equivalent or BTC equivalent. This is in addition to the 245 BTC produced from our Bitcoin mining operations during December."

The Company's total Bitcoin equivalent production in December 2021 was:

423 BTC Equivalent Produced

13.6 BTC Equivalent produced per day on average

2.6 Exahash of BTC Equivalent Hashrate (BTC hashrate plus equivalent ETH Hashrate)

Calendar 2021 total production

1,768 BTC 100% HODL

41,966 ETH, a portion of which were sold to upgrade chips

46,209 ETC which were sold

In summary Total Bitcoin Equivalent mined was 3,222 based on BTC/ETH/ETC. Another perspective for Calendar 2021, we mined coins with a year-end gross dollar value of approximately US$221 million (unaudited) using market prices of BTC US$43,000 and ETH US$3,400.

The bar chart illustrates the growth of our BTC mining capacity, as our hashrate grew substantially from the deployment of ASICs in our New Brunswick data center, which had 30MW of operating capacity upon our acquisition, and as of the end of December 2021, HIVE completed the expansion to 50MW of operating capacity. The next phase of expansion will bring our New Brunswick data center to 70MW of operating capacity in the spring of calendar 2022. In addition to the BTC production represented by the chart below, with the Company's ETH and ETC mining, HIVE mined 3,222 BTC equivalent in 2021.


Network Mining Difficulty

The Bitcoin network difficulty increased as much as 10% and similarly the Ethereum network difficulty increased approximately 2% during the month of December. These factors impact gross profit margins.

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