HIVE Blockchain mines 6,280 ether, 600 bitcoins in fiscal Q3

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HIVE Blockchain (NASDAQ:HIVE) mines more than 6,280 ethereum (ETH-USD) and 600 bitcoins (BTC-USD) in preliminary fiscal Q3 from Oct. 1 to Dec. 21 of last year.

This compares with 8,688 ether (ETH-USD) and 656 bitcoins (BTC-USD) produced in fiscal Q2.
Still, HIVE (HIVE) "is on track to have mined more Bitcoin in its fiscal third quarter compared to 656 Bitcoins mined for the prior quarter" due to investments in new generation miners and BTC mining facility expansion, the company says.
Additionally, the company is no longer selling coins but banking them through 2022 to have more inventory.
Previously, (Dec. 3) HIVE Blockchain produced 218 bitcoins and 2,334 ether in November.

By: Max Gottlich

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