Heavy Metal Magazine Breaks Out New NFT。

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Heavy Metal Magazine gives us a look into an upcoming game that aims to set a new stage for a new wave.

Let’s take a look into the history of the creator of the upcoming NFT experience, and all the cool things featured in this game.

A Dive Into Heavy Metal Magazine….
Heavy Metal Magazine, which came about in the late ’70s, has an inside look into the edgy art world of heavy metal music. The magazine explored alternate realities, science fiction and thrillers, in the past, present, and future and many sci-fi styled content as well. Writers and illustrators created a world witting paper pages, and Heavy Metal Magazine was the first publisher to bring European legends like Moebius, Enki Bilal, and Pepe Moreno to the U.S. They also shined light on the underground superstars like Richard Corben, Vaughn Bode and Frazetta.

The head of the studio department is President Tommy Coriale, and he is developing and producing TV and film content adapted from Heavy Metal’s larger pool of cool ideas. The place that gave us never before seen cutting-edge sci-fi, fantasy, and horror stories is now shifting towards the future.

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CEO Matthew Medney and his squad of cutting-edge designers look to shake things up. Heavy Metal will do what heavy metal is good at, and that’s bringing and showing us a new world that is raw and unfiltered. Each Krampus pack will contain three surprise NFTs items inspired by characters and stories in the Heavy Metal Magazines vast multiverse. Drop includes the publication’s iconic heroine Taarna; the George C. Romero-helmed “Cold Dead War” and its zombie protagonist Nelson; the upcoming brainchild of Fallout Boy’s Joe Trohman and comedian Brian Posehn, “The Axe”; Heavy Metal CEO Matthew Medney’s “Dark Wing”; “Savage Circus” by Brendan Columbus and many more cool things to explore.

A Look Into The Gods, Creatures And Goddess…
This 5,200 pack drop is changing the NFT experience at a new level, each pack comes with 3 NFTs, there are over 10 varied NFTs that can come in a pack. These classic characters give fans a nostalgic feeling of what they loved about Heavy metal mag. Within these packs, select combinations will grant you real-world prizes. 10 lucky winners will win Replicas of the AXE from Joe Trohman and Brian Posehn. The back stories of these characters can be found more in depth in the heavy metal mag blog post on meduim.com. Another 20 lucky winners will receive Taarna Painted Air Jordans.

The Krampus drop comes with different tiers that give fans a bang for the buck and lucky winners something special and rare to have in their personal collection.

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