Gryphon and Sphere Announce MSA and Agreement to Purchase Additional Carbon Offset Credits Bringing Total to Half a Million Credits

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Gryphon and Sphere 3D have entered into a Master Services Agreement that allows Sphere to leverage the Gryphon world class team to support the additional crypto mining equipment being purchased directly by Sphere

The Carbon credits agreement is to clean an additional 250,000 tons of carbon from the atmosphere and is in addition to the previous agreements signed by the parties

Gryphon Digital Mining ("Gryphon") and Sphere 3D Corp. (NASDAQ: ANY) ("Sphere 3D") tannounced that they have entered into an agreement to purchase an additional 250,000 Certified Emission Reductions ("CERs" or "Credits"), with each company purchasing 125,000 credits, subject to closing conditions (as further defined below). These credits will help support the two companies ESG commitments in light of the recently announced initiatives to substantially increase crypto mining capacity.

In addition, Sphere 3D and Gryphon have entered into a Master Services Agreement ("MSA") that will allow Sphere 3D to utilize the world class expertise of the Gryphon team for the direct purchases by Sphere 3D of crypto mining equipment while parties work towards closing their previously announced Agreement and Plan of Merger that will see the two companies merge.

"I have seen other Blockchain Industry companies follow our lead through the purchase of carbon offset credits and applaud them for doing so. We all share the same air and putting into action steps to keep that air clean is an issue that should be top of mind for all companies, regardless of industry," explains Rob Chang, CEO at Gryphon Digital Mining. "As we are finding out over the last few weeks, Sphere and Gryphon have the same passion for ESG initiatives as well as alignment on growth. We are equally as excited to lend our support in the design, implementation and management of additional mining capacity being deployed by Sphere 3D as we work towards completing the merger as expeditiously as possible."

"I think the additional credits that we purchased provides both companies with greater flexibility for locations to host the increased deliveries of crypto mining equipment we have previously announced," stated Peter Tassiopoulos, CEO of Sphere 3D, adding "it was also important for us to have the Gryphon team fully engaged in our expansion initiatives so that they can support the operational execution of our crypto mining operations while we focus on getting our merger closed and become one company."

The CER sales are conditional upon the seller receiving United Nations Convention on Climate Change ("UNFCC") verification. The seller is in the process of verification of the CERs for its renewable energy facility under UNFCCC protocols. Such process is anticipated to be completed by the end of the fourth quarter of 2021.

Gryphon Digital Mining has already taken several steps towards becoming an environmentally sustainable cryptocurrency miner, including signing the Crypto Climate Accord and making its commitment public. It is one of only a handful of signatories currently, and positioned to be the first to achieve zero carbon emissions. Gryphon is working to be an industry leader in ESG-driven cryptocurrency operations, adhering to the best practices in Corporate Governance Principles to conduct its operation cleanly and responsibly. Its objective is to be the first vertically-integrated and publicly traded crypto miner with a wholly-owned 100% renewable energy supply."

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