Grayscale adds AMP to its DeFi index。

Time:2022-01-24 Source: 881 views DeFi Copy share

The crypto asset management company Grayscale announced on Tuesday that it will adjust its DeFi index constituent stocks.

It stated that Bancor and UMA will be removed from the index and AMP will be added. Bancor and UMA accounted for 2% and 2.9% respectively when the index was launched.

Grayscale launched the fund and its supporting index in July 2021, aiming to allow institutional investors to access the fast-growing corners of the crypto market without having to keep their tokens.

As for the newly added token AMP, it is used as a collateral in the Flexa network. AMP will account for 7.39% of the fund. Other assets of the fund include Uniswap and Aave, which account for 42.33% and 13.06%, respectively.

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