Glassnode: 2021 BTC macro and high time frame consolidation year

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The blockchain industry analysis company Glassnode released its 2021 annual review analysis, which summarizes the year-to-date BTC industry, including:

1. The price has risen by 78.5% from January 1, and is currently down 24.4% from the highest point on November 10.

2. The total supply currently at a loss is 3.48 million BTC, which is equivalent to 18.34% of the circulating supply.

3. The exchange balance has a net outflow of 678,000 BTC this year, a drop of only 2.5%.

4. Long-term holders increased their holdings of 1.846 million BTC, while the supply of short-term holders decreased by 1.428 million BTC.

5. Open futures contracts have almost doubled, an increase of 9.57 billion U.S. dollars (97%), while futures trading volume actually fell by 16% to 36.7 billion U.S. dollars per day.

6. The computing power of mining industry increased by 27% in 2021 and recovered from the migration of miners. At that time, about 53% of the machines were offline almost overnight.

7. At the same time, the total income of miners has risen by 58% this year, and has risen by more than 440% since the halving in May 2020.

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