GasDAO airdrop! Have spent more than 1559 US dollars in ETH handling fee to receive GAS

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After the NFT collector 9x9x9 announced the establishment of OpenDAO and launched an SOS token airdrop event to OpenSea users, there is another new project born to reward active Ethereum users: GasDAO.

According to the GasDAO Twitter post, there are a total of more than 143 million independent addresses on the Ethereum network that have been transacted at least once; and the establishment of GasDAO aims to become 640,000 of them through on-chain and off-chain governance. The core of the voice is to build a strong community across DeFi, DApps, and NFTs.

Eligibility for GAS tokens

Although the item is distributed free of charge, it is not available to everyone. According to GasDAO's official website, the gas cost that users spend on Ethereum exchanges needs to exceed $1,559 to connect to the wallet through's official website and receive the airdrop of GAS tokens, and they still have to pay GasFee when receiving it.

GasDAO also stated that the governance contracts are strictly audited, and all code can be verified on etherscan.

GAS token distribution mechanism

According to the official website, there are a total of 1 trillion GAS tokens. Among them, 55% of the tokens will be airdropped to 634,429 eligible users, 30% of the tokens will be stored in the GasDAO vault, and 15% of the tokens will be reserved for 25 core contributors.

The website also pointed out that users must collect GAS tokens by May 1st next year at the latest, and unclaimed tokens will be returned to the GasDAO vault.

Gas handling fees skyrocketed

In addition, because a large number of users received GasDAO airdrop GAS tokens, the Gas handling fee has skyrocketed. According to data, before the deadline, this airdrop activity paid a total of 416.66 Ethereum in the past 3 hours, which is equivalent to 1.588 million U.S. dollars. Gas costs soared by more than 200Gwei.

Currently, according to GasDAO Twitter, more than 20,000 users have successfully received tokens.

Polarity of community evaluation

However, it is worth noting that the community has polar views on GasDAO's airdrop activities. Netizen KingBlackBored tweeted that two people have audited the source code, and GasDAO seems to be safe to receive.

"I personally haven't received it yet, because I have to do more research, but I have already bought some gas in the second-hand market."

However, some netizens claimed that their handling fees had exceeded the set threshold, but they still did not have the right to airdrop. A netizen named Shabir replied to GasDAO saying that I obviously spent 2.24 Ethereum, why I still didn't meet the conditions.

Some netizens said that this is just an activity to make the rich get rich. It is useless for small players like us. Many people spend a lot of ETH for handling fees, but they are still excluded.

Cryptonite, a trading robot with more than 50,000 fans, also said on Twitter today (29): We have seen a new rubbish coin trend that replicates the token airdrop model. First Sos, then Mask (not the deceitful one), and now another GasDAO.

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