Fundraising in DeFi Gets a Whole New Meaning With Glitch Finance's GPOOL Launchpad

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Decentralized finance (DeFi) as an industry today is dictated by technological advancements, rapid innovations, and budding businesses. As a result of these new innovations, it is now easier than ever to provide world-class financial services to people across the globe. However, there’s a catch. Innovating and building a business in the DeFi space isn’t a cakewalk.

Mainstream investors’ ambivalence towards DeFi, combined with ICO struggles, and pump-and-dump episodes thwart new businesses even before they’re born.

There is a dire need for a platform that addresses these issues and upholds the innovative spirit of DeFi by providing the right resources. And the GPOOL Launchpad Staking Platform built on Glitch Finance could be the way forward.

Building Businesses the Right-Way
GLITCH Finance is an interoperable blockchain network specifically designed to cater to trustless money markets and decentralized applications. As a part of its larger ambitions to bring a paradigm shift in DeFi, GLITCH Finance earlier this year announced a $2 million grant program for innovative DeFi projects. The first-ever recipient of this fund was Genesis Pool, an ambitious cross-chain DeFi launchpad. But it did not stop there. Given the innovative nature of this new launchpad, GLITCH Finance has decided to partner with Genesis Pool making it a permanent part of the Glitch ecosystem.

The result of this partnership is the GPOOL Launchpad Staking Platform that is poised to change the way businesses raise funds in DeFi. GPOOL is the only launchpad in DeFi that allows retail investors to take on the role of seed investors. This approach breaks the monopoly of big funding firms and creates an opportunity for regular investors to build ground-breaking businesses.

Moreover, GPOOL ends whale domination and pump-and-dump episodes with its unique tiering system that guarantees allocation. The highest tier is the Golden Pass and holders of the GPass token can participate in IDO’s. All businesses raising funds on GPOOL are required to set aside a part of their total token supply for investors. This ensures that investors are rightly rewarded.

The process of fundraising with IDOs is fully automated on GPOOL and businesses are spared from the tiring task of filling out forms and conducting presentations to acquire investors. With this unique approach of bringing retail investors into DeFi and guaranteeing allocation, GPOOL aims to become the go-to launchpad for businesses in DeFi. GPOOL is expected to go live on 15th December this year.

A Blockchain for the Next-Stage of DeFi
While the GPOOL is the newest addition to the GLITCH ecosystem, GLITCH Finance has a whole host of innovative products under its belt that is poised to change the very course of DeFi. The platform was built with an ambitious vision of solving the fundamental problems of present-day blockchain networks like high gas fees, lack of security, and low scalability. In doing so, GLITCH Finance aims to take DeFi from its speculative phase into the value creation phase.

GLITCH makes use of Tendermin’t modular open-source software in combination with the Delayed DPOS consensus to attain unmatched security and speed. With DeFi hacks contributing to 76% of all hacks worldwide, there is a definite need for amped up security in DeFi and GLITCH achieves it. Moreover, it also solves scalability on layer-1 itself, attaining over 3000 transactions per second and eliminating the need for complex layer-2 architecture.

As mentioned before, this platform has quite an extensive ecosystem with a decentralized exchange called GEX, a browser extension wallet, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), and a governance interface explorer. GEX is a very important part of GLITCH’s operations allowing the platform to redistribute revenue to its stakers. It also allows for truly P2P swaps, trades, and payments.

The unprecedented levels of speed, security, and scalability combined with an ecosystem of innovative products make GLITCH Finance the go-to platform for building dApps of the future. From blockchain gaming and NFT marketplaces to new-age financial protocols, every kind of dApp would be able to benefit from GLITCH Finance’s robust architecture.

Focusing on Value Creation
DeFi today, is at a very important juncture in its journey to becoming the next global financial system. While DeFi projects have been focusing on short-term visions and immediate profits for all this time, it is important to ask the hard questions and build what’s truly needed. And this is where GLITCH Finance hits the ball out of the park. It focuses on building a niched-down platform for the future of trustless money markets and decentralized applications. GLITCH identifies the major issues with present-day blockchains and aims to truly solve them. Only when these internal problems are solved can DeFi focus on solving the real-world problems that catapult it into its value creation phase.

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