FTX and NBA Golden State Warriors reached a partnership, FTX became the official cryptocurrency, NFT platform

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NBA Golden State Warriors (Golden State Warriors) and US compliance exchange FTX.US announced the establishment of a partnership yesterday (14). FTX has become the official cryptocurrency and NFT platform of the Warriors team. This is the first time the Warriors have cooperated with crypto companies.

According to the press release, starting from Ming (2022), the NFT issued by the Warriors will be available for trading on the FTX.US platform.

It is worth noting that the content of this cooperation between the two parties also includes the Warriors International right partner, including LOGO and portrait rights. This means that the Warriors and FTX will have more cooperation internationally and create greater market.

Brandon Schneider, President and Chief Operating Officer of the Warriors, said: Cryptocurrencies have well-established communities around the world, and these communities have begun to become an important part of the sports and entertainment industries. In the conversation with FTX, we quickly reached a consensus to create a series of innovations with cryptocurrency technology as the core, including using NFT to allow fans and the Warriors around the world to have more interaction.

The Warriors are among the few NBA teams that actively use NFT or encryption technology to innovate. The team released the Legacy NFT Drop in April this year. This is a series of NFTs, including various versions of six NBA championship rings in team history and ten commemorative ticket stubs.

The Warriors also set the highest sports-related NFT sales record in this Legacy NFT Drop. The six-in-one championship ring sold a total of 285.111 ether (about 1.06 million U.S. dollars).

To commemorate the cooperation, 3BTC will be donated to charity

To commemorate this cooperation, the Warriors and FTX will donate three bitcoins to three non-profit organizations that have contributed a lot in the field of education equity, one for each non-profit organization. The three organizations are Self-e STEM, Mission Bit, and Techbridge Girls.

Self-e STEM mainly provides education for girls or young women in the community, including culture, leadership and other technologies; Mission Bit provides free programming courses, after-school seminars, and summer training for high school students in the Bay Area. The teaching and experience of science and technology industries such as the camp allows these students to realize their own potential; Techbridge Girls has redesigned STEM (generally referred to as science) so that women of BIPOC (people of color) can experience these courses.

The Warriors and FTX share a core philosophy that is to give back to the community. Since the establishment of the Warriors Community Fund in 2012, the total impact on education has exceeded US$25 million, of which US$15 million are cash donations.

Regarding this cooperation, FTX.US President Brett Harrison said: Our previous cooperation with Stephen Curry gave us the opportunity to introduce to the Warriors. Our core values are quite close, so we are very happy to work together. The NFT platform of FTX.US will provide a safe and reliable trading field for the Warriors fans in the world. In addition to launching the NFT, for this collaboration with one of the world's most prestigious teams, we are actively developing innovations and launching new services, whether in the United States or internationally.

Finally, the cooperation between the two parties is not only in the Golden State Warriors.

FTX will embroider the FTX LOGO on the protective cushion of the basketball hoop at the home court of the Santa Cruz Warriors in the NBA Development League. The FTX LOGO will also be seen on the broadcast station. Not only that, in the most popular NBA2K series of video games, FTX will also put its own LOGO on the Warriors court.

The live broadcast of the Golden Guardians, another e-sports organization, will also incorporate more elements, including the League of Legends Championship (LCS), Nintendo Tomorrow's Smash Bros., World of Warcraft and other elements.

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