Fractal: 110,000 people join the Discord platform of the new NFT game market launched by the founder of Twitch

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After launching the Fractal NFT game market, Twitch co-founder Justin Kan called NFT "the future of games."

Twitch co-founder Justin Kan launched a new blockchain game NFT market called Fractal yesterday.

Although the establishment was only announced two weeks ago, Fractal's Discord team has accumulated more than 111,000 members. At the time of writing, the most important sale to date on the platform appears to be a Baby Scoot NFT, priced at 4 Solana (SOL), valued at approximately $680.

This Solana-based market allows users to buy, trade, and hold NFTs used in blockchain games. In yesterday’s announcement, Twitch announced its first batch of cooperative blockchain games, including The Sandbox, Nyan Heroes, Caveworld and Genopets.

As part of the announcement, Kan referred to the 111,000-person Fractal community as one of the "fastest-growing" communities in the crypto space, adding:

"Durable digital assets realized through NFT are the future of games. We have cooperated with some of the most innovative game companies on the Solana blockchain to promote future development."

He added: "Players are excited about blockchain games, and we are also excited about all the new experiences they will bring."

In another blog post, Fractal also revealed that it will airdrop 100,000 Fractal NFTs to its members and stated that they may have the right to govern the market in the future and provide in-game benefits in the game.

"Fractal will bring benefits to our market and community. Mysterious and powerful, their full potential has not yet been discovered. Maybe in the future, they will give you special powers and abilities in your favorite blockchain game, or Open the door to an exciting new world waiting to be explored," the post read.

Fractal also hinted that it will eventually expand its support for other blockchains. Considering that The Sandbox meta-universe project is built on the Ethereum network, Ethereum may be the next goal.

Currently, users can connect to Solana-friendly wallets, such as Phantom, and buy and sell any NFT from Solana game projects.

Australian Nyan Heroes co-founder Wendy Huang said in an interview with Cointelegraph that the strong team behind Fractal was the key reason why the company decided to cooperate with this platform.

She said: "Fractal's game-centric NFT market has the potential to become the primary hub and aggregator for gamers and gaming communities. The strength of their founding team makes Nyan Heroes more confident to grow into a Steam-like platform." (Cointelegraph)

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