Former Fed Audit Manager: Bitcoin Is Definitely a Tool for Social Justice

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On January 17th, former Federal Reserve audit manager and Bitcoin consultant Charlene Fadirepo said in an interview that Bitcoin is definitely a tool for social justice.

Fadirepo called 2021 a “breakout year” for bitcoin, noting that major banks already have high-net-worth clients investing in bitcoin, and that large corporations have started accumulating bitcoin and holding it as an asset.

At least seven major banks, including Citigroup, JPMorgan, and Morgan Stanley, are heavily invested in Bitcoin. “The FDIC and the Fed have worked together to seek guidance within the agency, and we expect to see more action and clearer regulation. When regulation is clear, trust is built, security is built, which will encourage more people to invest in crypto. , and also hope to have more institutional investment participation,” Fadirepo pointed out.

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