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DeSpace is a multi-chain aggregator that is marrying NFTs and DeFi into one platform. For most, accessing NFTs and DeFi have to be done separately, leading to time wasted trying to navigate these platforms. DeSpace gets rid of this barrier with its unique aggregator that allows users to access DeFi and NFTs on one website.

DeSpace has taken lessons from other DeFi projects and made strides in preventing these issues. It is a comprehensive DeFi aggregator that gives users the alit to interact with multiple DeFi protocols on a single website while earning returns in the form of DES tokens.

Users are able to buy, sell, stake, and transfer NFT assets on DeSpace regardless of what marketplace the NFTs were gotten from. For every transaction carried out on the website, users are rewarded in DES tokens.

All DeFi services offered on DeSpace include DEXes, staking, mining and liquidity farming, yield farming, collateralized stablecoins, and lending. Users are able to connect to all major NFT and DeFi platforms such as PancakeSwap, UniSwap, Bondly, OpenSea, Aave, Compound, and over one hundred other platforms in the space.

DeSpace, DeSwap, and DeLend are all offerings plugged into DeChain to bring unique solutions to users.

DeChain, DeLend, And DeSwap
Dechain is a Layer 2 blockchain solution that is compatible with layer 1 blockchains. It simplifies the navigation and access process to DeFi and NFTs products and solutions, allowing users to take full advantage of different blockchains using a single website.

DeLend is the default lending protocol of DeSpace. It generates interest for users through native stablecoins on the platform including dPound, dUSD, dEUR, etc, all of which are backed by frozen assets.

DeSwap is the native decentralized exchange (DEX) developed by DeSpace. It is a multi-chain and cross-chain DEX with AMM protocol. Users can place limit orders, carrying out staking and margin trading activities. It is a simple to use crypto exchange no matter the trading experience of the user.

About DeSpace
DeSpace is a cross-chain aggregator that provides interoperability across multiple blockchains. The innovative protocol provides advanced functionalities in DeFi and NFT using a suite of aggregated services from the crypto space.

DeSpace is built on a Layer 2 blockchain solution, DeChain, built and developed by the DeSpace team. It is compatible with several blockchain protocols and is designed to reduce transaction costs and wait times by providing compensation in DES coin, NFT mining, and staking rewards. The blockchain powers DeSpace through unique blockchain algorithms called Decentralized proof of transaction and decentralized proof of stake (DPoTS).

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