EOS founder BM proposes to launch a decentralized autonomous agency DAC on EOS for token creation and liquidity

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On January 7th, EOS founder BM (Daniel Larimer) proposed to make EOS the DAC of DAC.

According to reports, DAC is the primitive of DAO, that is, a decentralized autonomous organization (Company, Community, Country, Coop, Church, Corporation, Collective).

Each DAC has one or more tokens and governance processes that govern those tokens.

BM proposes to update the eosio.token contract and deploy a new contract eosio.symbol for token symbol names. Building a market maker into the eosio.token contract allows token contracts to easily convert fees from other tokens to EOS.

BM said that with the proposed changes, EOS will have a native, community-managed, decentralized exchange that supports user-issued tokens without deploying any contracts or writing any code.

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