Dogecoin Foundation releases its first Dogecoin roadmap: focus on payment

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Recently, the Dogecoin Foundation released a "Trailmap" detailing its future development plans. This is also the first time the Dogecoin Foundation has released a Dogecoin roadmap in 8 years.


1. The website will be redesigned, and one of the key parts of the redesign will be the Dogepedia section.


2. Create a Dogecoin building block C library, Libdogecoin, which allows anyone to build a Dogecoin-compliant product without worrying about the deeper details of the encryption function.

3. Create a Dogecoin standard. The Dogecoin standard aims to fully document the reference implementation (core wallet), fill the gaps in the "white paper", and provide documentation for users who are trying to understand how Dogecoin works. For the first time, the Dogecoin protocol will be independent of the core wallet. Way to express.

4. Create an open source project GigaWallet, which will provide a node/API solution that can be set up in a few seconds and allow developers to add Dogecoin transactions to their platform.

5. Solve community security issues through the proposed Dogecoin keyring application and SDK, which will enable Dogecoin users to retain custody of their Dogecoin while integrating with the GigaWallet API for mobile applications You can conduct Dogecoin transactions without holding keys to accelerate the adoption of Dogecoin by retailers, social media platforms, and game developers.

6. The foundation also cooperated with Vitalik Buterin to develop a unique Doge proposal for the "community pledge" version of PoS. This proposal will allow everyone (not just big players) to participate in running the network and earn money for their contributions Reward, and give back to the entire community through charity.

Obviously, the foundation intends to make Dogecoin a useful cryptocurrency. The lines in the road map focus on payment.

In 2021, Dogecoin had a good start. From the beginning of the year to its peak on May 8, Dogecoin increased by 15,000%, but airdrops have gained the upper hand since then. In addition, the rise of SHIB is also a big impact on Dogecoin. In October of this year, the market value of SHIB once surpassed Dogecoin. In order to win back investors, the Dogecoin Foundation plans to promote its effectiveness through a series of development projects.


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