Do Analysts Agree Thursday on Sphere 3D Corp (ANY) Stock's Target Price?

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Why are Analyst Ratings Important?
Analytical research by professionals can be extremely useful when making investment decisions in the stock market. Analysts are able to observe industries in detail and learn how geographical impacts can affect a company's balance sheet. This information allows investors to make decisions ahead of the curve. InvestorsObserver combines the ratings from these analysts and proceeds to percentile rank them. This grants you the ability to compare stocks in a comprehensive fashion as oppossed to a standard buy/hold/sell rating.

InvestorsObserver is giving Sphere 3D Corp (ANY) an Analyst Rating Rank of 74, meaning ANY is ranked higher by analysts than 74% of stocks. The average price target for ANY is $10 and analyst’s rate the stock as a Strong Buy.

What's Happening With Sphere 3D Corp Stock Today?
Sphere 3D Corp (ANY) stock is lower by -4.5% while the S&P 500 is up 1.56% as of 10:21 AM on Thursday, Jan 27. ANY has fallen -$0.09 from the previous closing price of $2.00 on volume of 443,153 shares. Over the past year the S&P 500 has risen 17.78% while ANY has fallen -14.73%. ANY lost -$0.73 per share the over the last 12 months.

By InvestorsObserver Analysts

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