Disney announces collaboration with VeVe to launch Mickey Mouse NFT collection

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Disney and VeVe have established a good NFT partnership and will launch more legendary IP NFTs. This week, Disney announced the launch of the Mickey Mouse NFT collection.

This is the latest NFT in a series of top IPs from Disney. Let's take a look at the latest news in the VeVe market and our expectations for the upcoming NFT.


Let's review the history of VeVe's top IP NFT release. Since June, Marvel and VeVe have reached a partnership. With the development of the upcoming Deadpool NFT, Marvel and VeVe's partnership has become closer.

Since then, VeVe has begun to expand its partnership and cooperate with Marvel's parent company Disney.

Disney first mentioned a set of NFTs in October. The entertainment giant has achieved success in Marvel NFTs and is trying to increase the supply of its digital collections.

In the report less than 60 days ago, we hardly saw any sign that the top Disney IP wanted to launch NFT. Disney just announced that NFT will be part of the "Disney+" campaign.

After that, VeVe and Disney began to launch "Star Wars" and "The Simpsons "NFT" until last month's "Disney Day."

Now, they have launched a heavyweight product such as "The Mickey Mouse NFT Collection". The first series is called "Steamboat Willie". There is a black and white Mickey Mouse on the deck of the steamboat.


VeVe did not hesitate in its efforts to cooperate with the largest and most fashionable IP. In addition to Disney and Marvel IP, VeVe also cooperates with some non-traditional but influential targets, such as the United States Postal Service, in an attempt to use stamps from one of the most historically significant existing collections to generate value.

VeVe also recently collaborated with Immutable X to integrate VeVe NFT with Ethereum. VeVe's Disney NFT series quickly sold out, and Simpson's "NFT" has received relatively good returns in the secondary market. The NFT community expects that the upcoming Mickey Mouse series will bring the same result.

The Mickey Mouse NFT Collection will be open to the public on the VeVe app at 4 pm on December 23 (Thursday), and it is expected to usher in a frenzied buying in the market.

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