Decentralized play-to-earn platform creates metaverse of fun and innovative games

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Many projects in the metaverse space have mostly concentrated on the gaming aspect. That shouldn’t be the case.

The 2021 year remains the breakout year for the metaverse. The concept quickly caught on, moving from conversations to project development and public adoption. Yet, it has one shortcoming for all the good it offers, an overemphasis on the gaming aspect.

The metaverse is far more than gaming, though. It isn’t a world of entertainment only, and importantly users shouldn’t have to pay for its enjoyment. It’s these pain points that (DPK) seeks to solve.

The project sees the metaverse as a world where users can verify private assets. Additionally, it’s creating a digital community with access to a vast universe. And its mission is to achieve a free play-to-earn ecosystem for its users. It’ll do so through a mix of GameFi and nonfungible tokens (NFTs).

DPK sees the metaverse as a platform for living, not only gaming. It enables users to create and get income. At the same time, it provides support in obtaining resources for the members of the community.

“Today you breed kitties, tomorrow kitties can bring wealth to you. With one NFT, you can play all games of the DPK platform,” the team shares.

Getting to know Dontplaywithkitty

Central to the DPK platform are Kreatties and their offspring. Kreatties are NFTs that act as vouchers for logging on to the platform. All 7000 Kreatty NFTs of the DPK platform have been sold out and will no longer be released.

Among the benefits that come with holding them is accessing all subsequent games. You can also create clans which are communities sharing hash rates. The clan shares profits equally.

DPK has two major tokens. The first is the DPK token, which is the platform’s governance token; the second – KIT token – is its utility token.

Players can stake DPK tokens for rewards, while KIT tokens may be burned for staking.

Dontplaywithkitty also offers two gaming options – a player versus environment (PvE) option where a user competes against computer-generated characters. Alternatively, players also have a PVP (player versus player) feature, where the competition is against other players on the platform.


When fully set up, DPK will have various games. At the moment, though, only one Pet Garden is up and running. The second game, Brave World, will be launched in January 2022; the third game is currently under development and is expected to be released in Q2 in 2022.

Among the platform’s key investors are The9 Limited and Fire Rock Holdings Limited. Other backers include Vietnam’s Roseon Finance, Korea’s SAMSUNG GAMES EVERY GAME, China’s GMC, HOT LABS and 7 O’Clock Labs.

The platform has successfully completed their NFT sales. The Kreatty NFT was launched at 0.12 BNB; the price has since appreciated 12.5 times. It is currently available at 1.5 BNB.

Current milestones

Dontplaywithkitty has attained several milestones in the last 12 months, including the launch of its first game in November 2021 and the sale of all the 7,000 NFTs that became available during the launch.

Dontplaywithkitty started its first round pre-sale event of Mine Planet NFTs on Dec. 6 at the initial price of 1.5BNB, and all the 1000 NFTs for the round were sold out within just 11 minutes.

Moreover, the project has been listed on DappRadar, ranking second in monthly volume generated by new games and tenth in daily volume generated by BSC games.

Dontplaywithkitty also has joined the Binance Smart Chain’s (BSC) MVB ecosystem, which indicates significant progress of this platform.

Future plans

Moving forward, Dontplaywithkitty anticipates the launch of its Mine Planet metaverse project this December. Planets would be the first and one of the most important places to produce DPK tokens since the precious governance tokens have not been launched yet, and the IDO is scheduled on Dec. 21.

The upcoming DEX offering will be carried out on their own website and three external platforms, including TrustPad, simultaneously. For Kreatty/kitty NFT owners, they can have the allocation of $300,000, and each Kreatty NFT owner has the right to purchase $30 worth of DPK tokens at the initial IDO price, while each kitty NFT owner has the right to purchase $15 worth of DPK tokens. For players who don't have Kreatty/kitty NFTs, they can join the offering on the platforms.

In January 2022, Brave World will be rolled out as an adventure card game. In this fantasy world, players owning Kreatty/kitty NFTs can get free hero NFTs and become invincible heroes to save the world where they can experience the true meaning of play to earn.

There are three professions: knights, warriors and ranged soldiers, and they have a restrained relationship with each other. Hero NFTs have many skills and talents, and in the game, players can produce equipment NFTs, which can be sold in the secondary market. Dragon NFTs are the highlight of Brave World, making the game easier and increasing profits. In the game, there are PVE and PVP gameplay, which can both produce KIT tokens and precious DPK tokens.

Besides, Dontplaywithkitty eyes connection to the NFT splitting contract. It’ll further integrate the support of the Vtoken AMM and begin developing its sidechains. From there, it’ll pursue the listing of its DPK token on major centralized exchanges.

The project will be implementing cross-chain transactions by connecting with Ethereum (ETH) and Polygon (MATIC), as well as developing its native wallet system.

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