Data: Tesla, MicroStrategy and others collectively hold $73 billion in Bitcoin

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According to news on December 31, according to data from buybitcoinworldwide, as of the end of 2021, companies and countries have a total of 1.5 million bitcoins.

Tesla, MicroStrategy, Grayscale and other private companies have a total of 44.8 billion U.S. dollars in Bitcoin. Counting the Bitcoin holdings of private entities and funds, the above total holds 73 billion U.S. dollars in Bitcoin, the largest holding Those are exchange-traded funds.

It is reported that the largest entity that owns Bitcoin is still MicroStrategy. The company recently purchased another US$94 million in Bitcoin, with a total of 124,000 Bitcoin holdings. The second-largest cryptocurrency holder in the industry is Tesla, which holds nearly 43,000 bitcoins.

At the national level, five countries including Bulgaria and Ukraine hold a total of 263,000 bitcoins. The largest holder is Bulgaria, which owns 10 billion U.S. dollars worth of BTC; Ukraine ranks second with 46,000 coins.

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