Data: Metaverse has raised $1 billion in the past three months, and Sequoia and SoftBank have entered the game

Time:2022-01-16 Source: 840 views NFT Copy share

According to incomplete statistics, during the three-month period from October 2021 to January 2022, the global investment in the Metaverse track exceeded US$950 million, of which Metaverse infrastructure companies received the highest proportion of financing, reaching 46%. .

AR giant Niantic received $300 million in financing, making it the largest single metaverse investment so far. Statistics show that the layout of capital in the metaverse is polarized.

Among them, companies that develop the metaverse platform and related basic technologies are obviously more favored by capital. Among the 49 investments, 15 were over US$10 million, and the total amount reached US$839 million, accounting for 88%.

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