Data: Grayscale currently has an encrypted asset management scale of US$43 billion, down from US$60.9 billion in early November

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On January 1, Grayscale Investment Company tweeted that its cryptocurrency assets (AUM) under management were US$43.6 billion, which was a decrease of more than 28% from the US$61 billion in early November.

It is reported that the company’s largest holding Bitcoin Trust’s AUM fell from US$43.5 billion to US$30.4 billion, a 30% drop during this period. The size of its second largest holding, the Ethereum Trust, dropped from nearly $15 billion to $11.6 billion, a 22% drop.

However, its total asset management scale has increased by approximately 170% from its 16.4 billion U.S. dollars a year ago. In addition, compared with a year ago, Grayscale's current portfolio is broader.

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