Contra-mix of music art and technology: The Meta Stars NFTs calls for a party

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The Meta Stars is a unique collection of 8,888 NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain hosted on IPFS. They claim to be the ecosystem of sheer entertainment and rewards. The Meta Stars are the metaverse inhabitants borne out of the exceptional engineering of humans. They were sent out to an unknown planet in the metaverse to control and administer it for humanity. Through the collaboration with “The Sandbox”, the Meta Stars offers a heap of opportunities to have a perfect Party to earn rewards.

NFTs are revamping the concept of digital assets and their ownership, thanks to non-fungibility and blockchain. NFTs empower creators and communities through proof of ownership and these digital assets are worth billions now. NFTs have captured and covered pretty much every niche from blockchain games assets to Kitties and Arts. NFTs expand to the widest expansions of a metaverse which will redefine the user social experience and interaction. The Meta Stars brings the power of music, art, and technology to the amazing Metaverse.

Why join the Meta Stars?
Party to Earn:
The Metaverse Stars are partygoers and they offer their holders opportunities to earn while partying. Some people believe in the potential of cryptocurrencies and NFTs but they don’t like playing video games. The play-to-earn games don’t include such crypto enthusiasts so The Meta Stars left that crowded way of play-to-earn approach and instead followed the uniqueness which led them to Party to Earn. The Meta Stars holders will have exclusive access to virtual events, concerts by artists, festivals, and private parties. In addition, there will be daily free Air Drops for the holders of the Meta Stars NFTs. The Air Drops will be awarded in the Native Token the Meta World Token ($MWT) of the Meta Stars which can be later traded for more NFTs, Fees, or potential cashouts.

Unique NFT Awards:
From the fleet of 8,888, all are now undoubtedly unique but some have additional unique traits. Of these 8,888 only 20 are beneficent that offer the monthly rewards.

Governance through NFTs and Native Token:
Just like the consensus mechanism where, based on PoF, the community has the power to vote on the decision-making process, the Meta Stars empower the community through NFTs. Each NFT holder will be able to vote on an important decision relating to the project’s future. This is season 1 of Meta Star NFTs and for the next season, the community will collaborate with the NFT artist to create unique NFTs. In addition to this, the native token of Meta Stars, the Meta World Toke ($MWT) will have many use cases including Air Drops and rewards. $MWT will be the currency of the Meta Stars ecosystem.

Meta Stars Fund:
Meta Stars is a community-oriented ecosystem that believes in empowering talents for the greater good. Through Meta Star Fund, Meta Stars will invest in projects based on Art and technology by 2 of their NFT holders. An amount of $20,000 to $10,000 will be dedicated every 6 month. This will not only encourage these artists but will help the Meta Stars to help the rising talent.

Meta Stars will build the biggest complex in the Sandbox: Meta Arena
The Sandbox is a well-known name when it comes to blockchain games and metaverse and it generated $51.16 in sales. Meta Stars will build the biggest Entertainment Complex in Metaverse by buying the lands on The Sandbox. The Entertainment Complex will be used to hold Events, Concerts, and futuristic nightclubs. Only humans call it Entertainment Complex as the Meta Stars name it “Meta Arena” in Metaverse.

Other Key Features:
IPFS Hosting: With the added security of IPFS, Meta Stars will protect your digital assets and ensure that no Rug Pulls happen.
Biggest Entertainment Ecosystem: Virtual Concerts, Night Clubs, Private Parties, and whatnot – the Meta Stars stands out to be the Biggest Entertainment Ecosystem.
Exclusive Store: NFT holders will have access to an Exclusive Store where they can obtain collectors, dedicated items, and much more.
Season 2: Season 1 NFT Holder will help the artist to come up with new ideas to create unique NFTs. The launch of season 2 will add value to the season 1 NFT collection.
The Meta Stars and Future
Metaverse expands endlessly but the Meta Stars venture above and beyond the limits of metaverse as it joins hands with celebrated the Sandbox. Meta Stars hate being alike so they are utterly unique with 150+ special traits and dazzling 3D art. Traditional hosting makes digital assets prone to rug pulls and these digital assets can simply be replaced by any other file. However, Meta Stars is hosted on IPFS to secure the valuable assets of the community.

With tons of fun options, metaverse, amazing art, and intriguing rewards, the Meta Stars collection simply becomes the biggest Ecosystem of Entertainment that promises rewards.

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