Cold Wallet Ledger launches spending financial cards! Cooperate with Coinbase and FTX to join leverage and trading

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Cold wallet provider Ledger announced a number of announcements at the Op3n summit held on December 9, including the launch of encrypted spending financial cards, NFT support functions, and cooperation with FTX to introduce trading and leverage functions into its own application Ledger Live. Coinbase will also Start to support Ledger's hardware wallet next year.

CryptoLife Spending Financial Card, NFT Support Plan

Ledger cooperated with financial services company Baanx to launch the transaction financial card CryptoLife, which is a Visa card that allows users to use the cryptocurrency assets stored in the Nanon wallet in real life.

According to the official website, it can be used to pay for more than 50 million merchants, and can also be used to automatically convert salaries into cryptocurrency. It can also use assets as collateral to apply for cash advance. The above services can be implemented through the Ledger Live App. Those interested in obtaining Readers of the CryptoLife card can go to fill in the waiting list.

Ledger also revealed that it plans to provide support for NFT storage in early 2022. Specific measures may include providing exclusive wallets for users to store and watch their own NFTs. At present, Ledger has integrated the NFT platform Rarible into the Ledger Live App, which allows users to access and trade NFT. It is planned that all functions will be fully opened in January 2022.

Charles Hamel, vice president of Ledger, said that in the past when users traded NFTs, the transactions were blind, unable to see the data being shared, or there were a lot of gibberish codes that were meaningless to ordinary people. Ledger will be in the App. Display the transaction process and details, including the destination address and the NFT information being sent, to help users improve their mastery.

In addition, Ledger also announced the launch of the popular cold wallet Ledger Nano S Plus, emphasizing larger memory and developer-friendly design.

Cooperation with FTX and Coinbase respectively

Ledger also announced that it will cooperate with the cryptocurrency exchange FTX and introduce its functions into Ledger Live. Users can access more than 300 trading pairs of FTX in the App, perform spot, leverage and other transactions, and can also enjoy Ledger’s main features. The security of assets can be described as killing two birds with one stone.

If users don't like the account to be directly connected to FTX, they can also choose to transfer their assets to FTX before trading, but this will charge more transaction fees.

Earlier, FTX founder SBF (Sam Bankman Fried) just announced on December 9 that the US branch of FTXUS has become a member of the International Exchange Dealers Association (ISDA). SBF said that it will work closely with each other to continue to promote cryptocurrency derivatives in the United States and around the world. market.

In addition, Ledger also announced the cooperation with Coinbase. The first phase of the cooperation will be launched in Q1 next year. At that time, Coinbase users will be able to connect their existing accounts with Leger hardware wallets (initially, they will run in the form of browser expansion). Ensure security while enjoying the convenience of centralized exchanges.

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