Cointelegraph Research report: NFT sales are expected to reach $17.7 billion in 2021

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When explaining NFTs in terms of an "elevator pitch" (succinctly stating one's point of view in a compelling way), we've all heard about these benefits of NFTs:

Bring unlimited royalties to artists;

Give the community ownership of NFTs;

24/7 trading market;

Token-gated (using tokens as tokens) unlock entry method;

NFTs are only avatars? Brain holes open to imagine infinite use cases for the future of NFTs

All of this is pretty good, but the next step for NFTs is to really open up their minds and let me come together one by one.

1. Large-scale popularization and application of NFT in the retail industry

Retailers from 7-Eleven to Gamestop will use NFTs to incentivize transactions that happen in the real world, leveraging creators to drive traffic to their storefronts. For example, Yeezy NFTs that can only be unlocked when purchased from a Gap retail store, or NFTs that unlock features exclusive to Tesla vehicles.

2. Large-scale popularization and application of NFT in the service industry

NFTs will be used to unlock access to services and a community of enthusiasts in the future. In the future, NFT holders can interact with influential chefs, photographers, doctors and niche hobby communities for Q&A and tutorials, and such models will flourish. This will also extend to real-world services such as transportation, hotels, and massages.

3. Social Movements

As millions enter the crypto community, communities supporting political causes through NFT ownership will gain a strong following. It is conceivable that in the future there will be a group of NFTs involved in the climate change social movement, and the sales of related NFTs will be used for political lobbying, and these efforts are coordinated by community DAOs.

4. Social feeds market

In the future, there will be a social information flow based on NFT collections, such as introducing the strategies and research of top collectors, as well as platforms for interacting with collectors. These social feeds will evolve into social e-commerce marketplaces, with features such as reviews, analytics, and more.

5. Multiplayer

NFTs will create hive activity by incentivizing group behavior. For example, the MMORPG game unlocks new levels once Stud reaches 10,000 users. Airdrop rare NFTs to users who have signed contracts to pool their underlying NFT funds. Collecting will then become a team sport.

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