Coinbase Insiders and Early Investors Dumped Over $40M in COIN Stocks in December

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Coinbase insiders and early investors dumped $40,631,394 worth of COIN stock during December, according to beneficial ownership data collected by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and data from the Dataroma website. Shareholders of % and more of the outstanding shares disclose this information.

In the three months to date, insiders have totaled $331,744,516 in sales, with zero purchases during this period. Co-founder and board director Fred Ehrsam, now also co-founder of crypto venture capital firm Paradigm, sold $31,369,991 worth of COIN in December.

During the same time period, Chief Product Officer Surojit Chatterjee sold $9,007,797 worth of Coinbase stock and Chief Accounting Officer Jennifer Jones sold $253,606 of COIN.

Public market data shows that Coinbase hit an all-time high of about $388 per share in the days following its April listing, followed by a short-term high of just under $370 per share on Nov. 9. In December, COIN From $315 to $252.

On January 7, COIN rebounded near the low of $220, with a market cap of $50.095 billion.

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