Coinbase aims at a new direction: creating an avatar in the meta-universe

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This time, Coinbase set its sights on the meta-universe and focused on an area that most developers seem to have forgotten, but this area is an essential part of building the meta-universe, that is, identity.

In a recent report, Brian Armstrong, the founder of the exchange, indicated Coinbase's meta-universe plan.

According to Armstrong, the views of Matthew Ball, a well-known author and venture capitalist, are a good example of Coinbase's view of the meta universe.

Coinbase aims at a new direction: creating an avatar in the meta-universe

According to Matthew Ball, the meta-universe can be defined as "the future of the Internet: a large-scale, durable, interactive and interoperable real-time platform composed of interconnected virtual worlds where people can socialize and work , Trading, entertainment and creation."

Most people think that Metaverse is the same as games, virtual reality or Web3, but Armstrong is different.

Armstrong believes that the meta-universe is different from today's Internet. Once most of the work of constructing the meta-universe is completed, there will be countless meta-universes interconnected.

He believes that this is important because it will transfer identity and ownership between meta-universes through blockchain technology to bring life to untrusted interactions in the ecosystem. And in turn eliminates the need for intermediaries and the authorities' permission to participate in activities.

Armstrong added that although many entities are already experimenting with this new technology, building games and creating virtual mappings of real-world objects, he feels that something has been missed.

Therefore, Coinbase has identified the "identity" plan as the highest priority and has a preliminary understanding of the future situation. Armstrong believes that giving these characters in the virtual world a lasting identity is an opportunity.

Coinbase aims at a new direction: creating an avatar in the meta-universe

"Identity determines who you are, what you can visit and do, and how you behave in the meta-universe world," Armstrong said publicly.

"In the meta-universe, our identity includes a simple login, a unique ID, an avatar representing us, a metadata that follows us, and proof of who we are."

To this end, Coinbase hopes to create a unique user name NFT associated with the wallet to prove the user's identity by cooperating with ENS, thereby creating an identity portal for the meta universe.

Armstrong believes that this will give users a unique ID and allow them to be uniquely identified in different meta-universes.

Coinbase is also working on a project that allows users to purchase an avatar, define and maintain their public image, and build trust. Once this project is completed, users can also log in to every application in Metaverse.

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