CME CME Group micro-Ethereum futures open for trading, up 4.48% on the first day

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The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Group is one of the world's leading and diversified markets, enabling institutional investors to trade futures, options, spot and over-the-counter (OTC) and optimize their investment portfolios. According to previous reports from the currency circle, the Micro Ether Futures METZ1, originally scheduled to be launched on December 6, has been launched as scheduled, becoming the fifth cryptocurrency derivative financial product of CME.

According to the CME website, this futures contract is only 0.1 ETH, which provides institutions and investors with a cost-effective way to hedge risks, while satisfying the growing interest of institutional investors in Ethereum.

CME Group also tweeted yesterday (6) that CME Group will usher in a new member of cryptocurrency products: the latest member of CME Group in the cryptocurrency series has arrived, and micro-Ethereum futures are now open for trading.

The CME website stated that this futures contract will be settled in cash based on the regulated CMECF Ether-Dollar Reference Rate (CME CF Ether-Dollar Reference Rate) and will comply with CME's specifications.

Tim Mc Court, head of CME’s global stock index, said: The size of micro-Ether futures is one-tenth the size of Ether, which will provide a range of market participants (from institutions to mature and active individual traders) with a high efficiency. , An economic way to hedge their Ether spot price risk.

Brooks Dudley, Global Head of Digital Assets at ED&FMan Capital Markets, also said: As a cutting-edge company that provides traders with innovative products in alternative asset classes, we are very pleased that CME Group has launched micro-ether futures to expand derivatives in the field.

Up 4% on the first day of trading

The Chicago commercial trading platform CME launched Micro Ether Futures (MET) yesterday (6), which has been launched on the platform to open investor trading. Data show that the first day of trading rose 188.50 US dollars, an increase of 4.48%, to close at 4,395 US dollars.

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