CIRUS Is Now Available on Binance Smart Chain

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By crossing the bridge into the BSC Ecosystem with MultiChain, the Cirus Ecosystem expects to gain considerable userbase access and platform/application integrations for the CIRUS Token

CIRUS, the native token of the Cirus Platform, can now be bridged from the Ethereum mainnet to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) using MultiChain.

MultiChain, formerly known as AnySwap, is a decentralized cross-chain solution that uses Secure Multi-Party Computation (SMPC) to safely and securely transfer tokens and assets across different blockchains. Using SMPC, users can now transfer their tokens and assets – and build compatibility and cross-platform functionality – with CIRUS on the Ethereum and BSC blockchains.

This development is part of the Cirus team’s strategy of ensuring that the CIRUS Token and the Cirus Ecosystem are exposed to as large a userbase as possible. The BSC recently surpassed its previous record for daily network transactions and has consistently added hundreds of thousands of new wallets on a daily basis to the network. Since the BSC Ecosystem has grown tremendously over the last few years, this tie-in has been an important target for the Cirus team for some time.

By integrating with the BSC, Cirus will ultimately have access to an expanded userbase. The Cirus Ecosystem will also gain many benefits from the CIRUS token compatibility with platforms and applications running on BSC.

The advancement of Cirus into the BSC Ecosystem could be a sign of things to come. Cirus was the first project out of ZenX Labs, which is part of the Unizen Ecosystem. ZenX is an incubator for centralized and decentralized finance projects. Since Unizen is expected to activate their Binance Cloud Exchange in the near future, it seems likely that CIRUS will be integrated there as well.

With the BSC bridge in place and an expected surge in users thanks to the new, soon-to-be-launched browser extension from Cirus, it seems possible that the foundations are being laid for a listing on Binance in the near term. Formal listing on Binance would help further propel the CIRUS token and the Cirus Ecosystem into the mainstream, bringing new projects, partnerships, applications, and users into the fold – all part of the Cirus roadmap to drive adoption and give the power of data back to the people.

In keeping with the holistic approach of the Cirus Foundation, where seeds are planted at all levels from protocol, to network, platform, and applications, strong roots are always required at the protocol level. This is why CIRUS first established integrations with Ethereum and Polygon. Now, with integrations with the Binance Smart Chain, expect further developments and integrations from Cirus within projects and partners operating within the BSC platform.

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