CEOs of BITF, ENTEF, OGGFF, TTCF Scaling Growth Through Innovation and M&A Opportunities in Bitcoin Mining, E-Sports and Plant Based Foods

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Wall Street Reporter, the trusted name in financial news since 1843, has published reports on the latest comments and insights from leaders at: Bitfarms Ltd. (NASDAQ: BITF) (TSX.V: BITF), Organic Garage (OTC: OGGFF) (TSX.V: OG), ESE Entertainment (TSX.V: ESE) (OTC: ENTEF) and Tattooed Chef, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTCF).

Wall Street Reporter highlights the latest comments from industry thought leaders in today’s hottest growth sectors: Crypto, and Bitcoin mining, e-sports, and plant-based foods and specialty retail.

ESE Entertainment (TSX.V: ESE) (OTC: ENTEF) CEO Konrad Wasiela: “10X Increase in Revenue Run Rate in 10 Months is Just The Start”
ESE Entertainment (TSX.V: ESE) (OTC: ENTEF) CEO Konrad Wasiela, a featured presenter at Wall Street Reporter’s NEXT SUPER STOCK investors livestream shared that revenues have increased to $25 million+ run rate - which is a ten-fold increase in 10 months. Konrad says this is just the beginning as his goal is building ESE into a billion dollar global e-sports enterprise. Wasiela shared that “ESE now has a growing e-sports M&A pipeline with over $100 million annual revenues” and expected to close a significant number of these potential transactions in the coming months.

In his interview with Wall Street Reporter, ESE CEO Konrad Wasiela, says the company is now ready to scale - expanding its global footprint, with new partnerships with global brands like Porsche, and Kia driving revenue growth with aggressive focus on top line sales and margin expansion, and M&A opportunities. ESE is now rapidly expanding, with multiple revenue streams including, e-sports infrastructure software powering global tournaments, exclusive digital media distribution, broadcast rights, and owning world-class leagues and teams, including its K1CK global E-Sports franchise.

Bitfarms Ltd. (NASDAQ: BITF) (TSX.V: BITF) CEO Emiliano Grodzki: “Bitcoin Miner Consolidation Is Coming - We’re Shopping for Acquisitions”
“...Today, we have a combined total of 10 farms in operation and development, with planed capacity of 404 megawatts and 48,000 miners slated for delivery in 2022. With our strengthened balance sheet and flexible capital plan, we are well positioned to reach our targeted exahash rate of 3 by March 31, 2022, and 8 by December 31, 2022….We've been actively looking at opportunities to buy companies and assets going back to last December. We only closed one of those transactions, and that was Washington for 24 megawatts. In terms of size, we wouldn't be interested in looking at anything less than 10 to 20 megawatts of size, because that's about the size that makes sense to make it worthwhile for us. We certainly are more attracted to the bigger opportunities where there’s scale...”
“...We've seen quite a few private company opportunities with mid-sized companies, but they don't really have a distinctive advantage in terms of electricity contracts, and their miners have been getting old. They don't have access to capital, they can't upgrade their fleet and as a result, without an attractive electricity contract and an aging fleet. It's not very attractive to us. But if there's an opportunity that comes around, whether it's private or public, where there is a good electricity contract, half decent team and a good layout, we'd be very interested in taking a look...And I expect we'll continue to see opportunities, the lifecycle hypothesis suggests that there will be a consolidation in this industry coming. I think we're just starting to see parts of it now. So our eyes are open. And because of our team and our expertise and deploying new facilities, I think we're an attractive partner for anybody that wants to come to us, particularly given our growing international expertise…”

Organic Garage (OTC: OGGFF) (TSX.V: OG) CEO Matt Lurie: “Ready to Scale with Plant-Based Brands and Next Gen Organic Retailing”
Organic Garage (OTC: OGGFF) a featured presenter at Wall Street Reporter’s NEXT SUPER STOCK investor conference, is capitalizing on twin megatrends in the booming plant-based foods space and specialty organic retailing. In his recent presentation, OGGFF CEO Matt Lurie shared with investors how OGGFF is positioned for explosive growth in the coming months, as it scales its “Organic Garage” specialty retail stores and launches its “Future of Cheese” brand which targets multi-billion dollar opportunities in the global plant-based dairy sector.

OGGFF’s “Organic Garage” specialty retail stores have built up a cult following among millennial shoppers in Toronto, Canada through a fun experiential retail concept and discount pricing - “Healthier Food For Less”. OGGFF currently has four stores generating over $30 million in revenue, at strong gross margins - and is now at an inflection point - ready to scale rapidly with new locations. In his interview with Wall Street Reporter, OGGFF CEO Matt Lurie discusses the possibilities for scaling the Organic Garage brand globally, whether through company owned stores, partnerships, and or franchises.

OGGFF is further leveraging its retailing domain expertise into the plant-based foods space. With a strong knowledge of what sells on retail shelves and what today’s consumers want, OGGFF is developing its owned plant-based CPG brands. OGGFF has just launched the “Future of Cheese” brand targeting the dairy alternatives space. Developed by the world’s leading cheese experts, Future of Cheese is rolling out a full line of cheese, butter and other exciting plant-based dairy products. The brand is a hit with consumers - OGGFF’s initial run of butters has sold out within 48 hours of launching with selected retailers in Ontario. In his interview with Wall Street Reporter, Matt Lurie discusses OGGFF’s growth strategy for global sales expansion of Future of Cheese in retail and restaurants.

November 9 - OGGFF engages US-based sales and marketing firm Oxford Hill Partners, founded by former Kraft and Danone Executive Yosi Heber, who recently joined the Company’s Advisory Board, to develop and help execute the Company’s North American growth strategy and product roll-out. Founded in 2006 by Yosi Heber, a former Senior Executive at Kraft, Danone and Barry Diller’s IAC / InterActiveCorp, Oxford Hill Partners has been engaged by over 50 clients around the world, including Fortune 500 conglomerates such as Procter & Gamble, Danone, Nestlé, and Hyundai, to develop and execute strategies ranging from marketing planning and execution, sales strategies, digital and online, e-commerce, branding and positioning and valuation growth.

“The whole dairy industry is really transforming right in front of our eyes. In fact, plant-based foods are quickly becoming one of the hottest growth areas of the entire global food industry. We’re very excited to be working with such a talented team who have developed ‘paradigm changing’ dairy alternative products that are at the cutting edge of the plant-based revolution,” stated Yosi Heber, President of Oxford Hill Partners and Advisor to OGGFF’s Future of Cheese brand.

Tattooed Chef, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTCF) CEO Sam Galletti: “Tattooed Chef Positioned to be Generational Brand in Plant-Based Foods”
“Our momentum continued in the second quarter of 2021. Second-quarter revenue increased 46% to $50.7 million compared to the second quarter last year, driven by our Tattooed Chef branded products...In 2021, we are reiterating our revenue guidance of $235 million to $242 million…”

“...Plant-based food is here to stay, every category in the supermarket will be disrupted by a plant-based alternative and Tattooed Chef is positioned to be the disruptor…We plan to extend the Tattooed Chef reach not only within grocery, but to a whole new level of convenience in refrigerated and ambient products to an untapped market of retailers such as airports, convenience stores, and more... With fully vertically integrated production, diversified product lines, and the ability to win multiple areas of the grocery stores, not only frozen but refrigerated and ambient too, Tattooed Chef is positioned for long-term success…we firmly believe Tattooed Chef has the power to be a generational brand and a leader in plant-based food for years to come.”

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