Canadian mining company Bitfarms expands U.S. green mining is expected to mine 3.7 bitcoins per day

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Bitfarms (BITF), a Bitcoin mining company founded by Argentines in Canada, purchased land in Washington State to build a 24 megawatt (MW) hydropower encrypted mining facility. It was the first mining data center established in the United States. It is estimated that an increase of 620PH/s computing power will cost 25% less than the company's other power plants in Quebec.

Emiliano Grodzki, the chief executive of Bitfarms in Argentina, said that Washington State was chosen because of its cost-effective power and productivity. Together with the new data center in the United States, Bitfarms has 10 mines in operation or under development in Argentina, Canada and other countries.

With the addition of this 24 MW mine in Washington State, Bitfarms has a total mining capacity of 106 MW, and is expected to be able to produce 3.7 Bitcoins per day. Each cost is about US$4,000. Based on the current price of US$65,000, it is about There is a profit of $183,000.

Bitfarms emphasized that the company's Canadian facilities are almost powered by hydroelectric power generation, and there is no concern about environmental damage and waste of energy.

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