Bringing the Agriculture Sector and DeFi Together, Lydium ICO 2nd Phase Sales Have Started。

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Lydium, which has received global attention, has completed the first phase sales of its ICO at the expected speed. Aiming to expand its global investor base with the start of the second phase sale, Lydium continues to make new agreements and investments in this way.

In a world where food supply security, which is becoming more and more unstable, is at the center of global risk assessments, Lydium, which started with the idea of meeting and integrating the agricultural industry with the DeFi ecosystem, received the attention that it expected from its investors in the first phase of its ICO, and with this energy, the second phase of the Lydium ICO began.

Lydium (LYD) Achieves Fundraising Targets
Arguing that the fast solution to the financial needs of the agricultural sector, which currently accounts for 40% of global employment, is through the decentralized financial system, and Lydium seems to have convinced industry representatives and investors in this regard.

Lydium, which offers financing and payment solutions to eliminate the short-term and low-cost cash access problem that the agricultural sector needs, a sector that has a constantly growing market, is getting closer to its goal of becoming one of the leading players in the DeFi ecosystem with each ICO phase it completes.

Investors Showed Great Demand for Agricultural DeFi
It is expected that the high investor demand for Lydium, which has sold 500 million LYD Coin which it has targeted in the first phase in less than 3 weeks, will continue to increase. Lydium, the value of which increases in each new phase, continues to earn its investors. Lydium, which has profoundly high growth potential and holds the advantage of being the first DeFi project of the agricultural sector, has gained confidence by showing the problem-solving and project development potential to the producer and the investor.

According to the information made on the platform’s website, Lydium plans to use the funds provided by its investors in order to realize its future goals, to become a permanent sustainable project within the DeFi ecosystem, and to be among the top 10 crypto values of the crypto world in terms of volume.

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