Bloomberg analyst: Inflation will turn to deflation next year to help Bitcoin price reach 100,000 US dollars

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Bloomberg Intelligence (Bloomberg Intelligence) senior commodity analyst Mike Mc Glone predicted on Twitter on December 9th that inflation is expected to turn into deflation next year and will be against Bitcoin (BTC), Assets such as gold have a positive impact, pushing the former to a height of $100,000.

Macron released a chart indicating that the stock market is currently overly rising due to the strong support of the FED. Under the strong inflation, commodities have gradually peaked, and the long-term bond yields of U.S. Treasuries are also declining at the same time. The FED has also recently announced the start of a reduction. Purchase debt.

All kinds of evidence indicate that when 2022 comes, deflation may replace current inflation, which will lead to a rebound in safe-haven assets such as BTC and gold safe-haven assets. McLong predicts that this will bring BTC to US$100,000 and gold. 2,000 U.S. dollars, while oil is 50 U.S. dollars.

Macron has always been optimistic about the potential of BTC. Shortly after the 519 crash this year, it published a cryptocurrency outlook report predicting that despite the sharp decline of Bitcoin, the bull market will continue. This year, the price of Bitcoin looks at $100,000. Micron also believes that although US regulators are trying to thwart the development of Bitcoin, Bitcoin is replacing gold.

Not only will deflation rebound, but inflation will also play a role

Another Bloomberg analyst, John Authers, published a study on November 14 that pointed out that BTC has achieved 99.996% deflation in the past year and has become the first choice for many investors to fight against inflation.

According to data from the US Department of Labor, the US inflation index in November has reached a 35-year high of 6.8%. If volatility categories (such as food and energy) are excluded, there is still an annual increase of 4.9%, the largest since 1991. Inflation.

Michael Saylor, a firm supporter of BTC and CEO of Microstrategy, has also stated on many occasions that BTC will be a store of value in the future and a weapon against inflation. On December 10, Celer once again quoted the Wall Street Journal's report on inflation and said: Inflation is the problem, and Bitcoin is the solution.

BTC non-omnipotent theory

Although BTC is regarded as an anti-inflation artifact by its supporters, there are still people who have expressed a wait-and-see attitude toward emerging assets that have been around for less than 15 years. For example, Wilfred Daye, the head of the asset management department of the securities token issuing platform Securitize, is more neutral. : I think gold is still a better inflation hedge, but Bitcoin as an inflation hedge is a new and sexy concept-after all, people always like new concepts.

Cam Harvey, a professor at Duke University and a partner of Research Affiliates, warned that if investors believe that allocating BTC will provide short-term inflation protection, they need to be more cautious. Because we know that if an unexpected increase in inflation is bad for the stock market, if something is bad for the stock market, it may lead to safe-haven trading.

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