BloctoDAO is officially established! The first voting will be held on 1/5 next year. Holders of BLT coins can participate

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The blockchain wallet Blocto announced on the 28th that in keeping with the spirit of Blocto's decentralization, the Blocto decentralized autonomous organization BloctoDAO was formally established, marking a perfect end to this year.

Blocto also announced on Twitter on the 28th: BloctoDAO is here! We accidentally posted something last night. Some of you (especially our Guild members) may have guessed it... we now announce the establishment of BloctoDAO.

Regarding the reasons for the establishment of DAO, Blocto explained that the project is committed to building a more transparent, democratic, and compatible decentralized space, and becoming a DAO is an important step for Blocto to move towards decentralization. The open space created by BloctoDAO can be listened to and used. The voice of the author, return the decision-making power to the user, and let all BloctoDAO members and Blocto work hard for the common goal.

DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is a decentralized autonomous organization that is not under centralized jurisdiction and is built on an open coding program. Any transaction records and regulations related to DAO are managed on the blockchain. As a decision-making organization, DAO allows community members to vote on major decisions related to DAO based on consensus, rather than relying on a centralized third party.

BloctoDAO first vote

According to the announcement, BloctoDAO will vote for the first time from 5:00PM on January 5, 2022 to 5:00PM on January 7, 2022. The content of the voting is: How much BLT ecosystem development fund should be allocated to IDO platform technology developers for the Blocto ecosystem portto?

Option 1–100K$BLT

Option 2–300K$BLT

Option 3--500K$BLT

The announcement pointed out that the purpose of establishing BloctoDAO is to allow community members to participate in the future development of Blocto, and the results of the voting will directly affect Blocto's future decisions. If you want to become a member of BloctoDAO, you must hold and pledge BLT to obtain voting qualification. The pledged tokens are the number of votes, and January 5, 2022 is the deadline for pledged tokens to qualify for voting.

The voting rules are as follows:

1. Only one option can be voted

2. Members who have finished voting cannot repeat or change their votes

3. After the voting, each option will be calculated according to the number of $BLT voted by the voting members and the total number of BLT votes for the proposal

Blocto finally stated in the announcement: While Blocto is moving towards decentralized autonomy, we want to give back to our community, respect and accept the community’s choices. We believe that 2022 will be a brilliant year for Blocto. Join the community now and create a better vision with Blocto!

Despite this good news, the price of BLT has not changed much. According to Tradingview data, BLT was quoted at $2.31 before the deadline, a small drop of 0.2% in the past 24 hours, and there is still a big gap from the high of $3.87 set on November 11.

Continue to expand the ecosystem

According to previous reports, Blocto is the world's first blockchain wallet that integrates FLOW. Its convenience and unique transaction mechanism bring more flexible operations and functions to various applications, and it has become a well-known news channel CNN NFT: The only partner of Vaultby CNN, assisting it to enter the world of encrypted assets and NFT.

Blocto just announced on the 13th that it will join hands with Taiwanese VR pioneer MomentX to explore the development potential of Metaverse applications. Through the strengths of both parties’ professional fields, they will combine hardware VR virtual reality helmets and blockchain, cryptocurrency, and GameFi (blockchain gamification). Finance) to the decentralized co-governance system (DAOs), etc., make every effort to develop and establish the meta-universe FLOW ecosystem.

After MomentX and Blocto have joined forces, the NBA Top Shot officially authorized by the NBA allows users in the Chinese region to enjoy the historical classics of the NBA in the MomentX meta-universe without having to go through a VPN.

NBA Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban (Mark Cuban) is one of Blocto's investors. Blocto announced last month that Cuban had become a strategic investor and advisor of Blocto/portto, which caused the price of BLT to rise by nearly 30%.

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