Blockchain-based VR world aims to take virtual reality to the next level

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A blockchain project says it is taking virtual reality to the next level by creating the “3D internet” — a world that is built and owned by the people who use it.

A blockchain project says it offers the first Massive Multiplayer Online Open World boasting photorealistic graphics in virtual reality — a world built and owned by users.

Victoria VR is designed to be a universal platform encompassing games and decentralized applications. The resulting metaverse is a shared virtual realm where people are free to do “absolutely anything” — from playing games to trading goods. Quests can even be completed in order to gain access to a plethora of rare rewards.

Creativity is at the beating heart of this ecosystem, and players have the freedom to design their very own realistic avatar with exceedingly detailed levels of customization. According to Victoria VR, billions of customizations are at its users’ fingertips, and all avatars can express emotions — with various animations that can convey their mood and reactions.

NFTs on your terms

Victoria VR also supports non-fungible tokens… with a twist. Rather than merely serving as rare decorations, the project says NFTs on its platform have compelling use cases and deliver highly coveted advantages — giving players superpowers and other valuable resources. Another interesting twist comes in how NFTs can be modified and combined, or even created from scratch through its virtual reality interface.

This is coupled with a 3D marketplace for NFTs that enables beautiful digital assets to be traded and explored like never before. To add to the immersive experience, 2D NFTs are even converted into 3D objects… literally taking them to another dimension.

A VR gallery enables artistically minded members to publish their own works of art too — and a plugin for internet browsers means it can be enjoyed by anyone, even if those who don’t have a virtual reality headset yet.

A virtual reality revolution

The use cases for Victoria VR don’t end here, as users can also buy their very own plot of VR land and create “literally anything” — monetizing it without being limited by the laws of physics and space. Just some of the ideas put forward by the project for this finite resource include shops, casinos, schools and showrooms.

Victoria VR’s founders also believe that this technology could prove an invaluable educational resource. One example could include a DeFi project that creates a visually rich, user friendly and easy-to-understand space where people can learn about their offering.


The amount of VR land that’s available to users is said to be extremely limited, with sales taking place through the use of auctions. VR tokens are at the beating heart of this multi-faceted ecosystem, and are the cryptocurrency of choice for settling transactions.

A 3D internet

According to Victoria VR, a portal system means that its ecosystem can connect to all VR projects, games and worlds — creating a 3D internet like never before. This platform is also a decentralized autonomous organization, meaning it is completely controlled by its passionate community.

Vowing to ensure that anyone can create VR content without requiring any prior programming skills, the team added: “The gaming industry is booming, businesses, communication, education and processes are transferred online, and the next logical step is virtual reality and the 3D internet. The interest in VR is also going up because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, social isolation, and lockdown measures. There is no doubt that virtual reality will change everything in every field, and in every industry.”

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