Bitcoin Miners' Margins Are Still 'Quite Healthy' Even After Recent Sell-Off: D.A. Davidson

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Bitcoin miners are still generating healthy profits, despite the sharp sell-off in crypto prices and an increase in the network hashrate, Wall Street investment firm D.A. Davidson’s analyst wrote on Tuesday.

“Since the late-October peak, hash price ($/TH/day) has fallen from over $0.40 to just $0.22 today yet gross margins remain quite healthy, around 85% down from 91% at peak,” analyst Christopher Brendler wrote.

He also noted the gross margin numbers are based on the specification of “industry-standard” S19 Pro mining machines. When a more efficient miner, the S19 XP, comes online, the margins would go to over 90% at today’s hash price.

Brendler noted that the sell-off in the mining stocks has been because of a combination of bitcoin prices falling and investors' sudden change in risk appetite.

However, Brendler is still bullish on the miners as he believes their valuations have overcorrected while their fundamentals remain “excellent.” He thinks the weakness in bitcoin price should force inefficient miners out of the market.

On Jan. 10, Jefferies said the slump in bitcoin’s price from November’s all-time high is hurting the shares of the crypto mining companies, but might nevertheless be positive for them because it will deter new entrants to the space.

By Aoyon Ashraf

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