Bitcoin is reshaping the world

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Those in power are used to controlling the people's life: what they should read and say,what they should know, what they should do or not do,and so many other things.This ideology of control has affect every corner of our society .Bitcoin is one of them.many governments in the world has tried to use every possible means to prevent the use of bitcoin .but in fact, it has only made bitcoin and virtual currency gain more attention.

How we can say Bitcoin is reshaping the world? Actually,What people has saw about bitcoin is a revolution powered by technology and freedom. In one word,this is a struggle for economic and trade freedom.

For example,Cross-border payments is an industry with huge sum of money as we all know and it’s so important to the economic development. But the governments and traditional finance institutes don’t make it easier.On the contrary,they set up a lot of barriers for it. Fortunately,bitcoin is solving this question.Many entrepreneurs and companies have now seen bitcoin as a means to bypass the hurdles of cross-border trade obstacles created by global bank and government.

Traditional media is usually skeptical about Bitcoin .The only thing they tells people is that bitcoin is a fake currency,that bitcoin will bring contractual deception and economic collapse. But more and more people began to accept it, and began to reflect on their wealth awareness, the problems of monetary system and their quest for economic and trade freedom.

Sometimes,People doubt bitcoin because of fear of its rise and fall.people may think there are someone take control of it. In fact ,bitcoin trades based on how people feel about cryptocurrency. The price of Bitcoin does not based on any data . It moves up or down based on how people feel about the cryptocurrency at any time.

Bitcoin is bitcoin, it does not depend on any individual or organization. Bitcoin is reshaping the world.

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