BetaMars Has Released 250 Co-brand Ticket NFTs

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According to official news, BetaMars project has raised $2.5 millions seed investment from Youbi Capital. Both sides have reached a cooperation on the further building of BetaMars.

The director of Youbi Capital said, “Metaverse is the next station of the Internet. As the innovator on the Metaverse track, BetaMars shows obvious advantages of sufficient resources in strategic layout, reasonable and efficient team building, and innovative design, which is one of the main reasons for our investment in BetaMars. We expect BetaMars to be the leader of metaverse games one day.”

“BetaMars is fundamentally different from the current projects on the metaverse track”, said the founding team of BetaMars, “its design reproduces obscure human nature and vivid story scenes in reality, bringing an immersive experience to players in exploring the BetaMars world. In the future, we will build a highly free and open metaverse world and we are confident it will be the leader of the metaverse. In addition, the investment from Youbi Capital has brought BetaMars into a higher stage.”

Youbi Capital
Youbi Capital invests in world-class innovative solutions, aiming at creating sustainable, inclusive web 3.0 intra-structure products. Since 2017, it has invested in more than 100 blockchain projects and supported Algorand, Polkadot, PlatOn, Flow, Avalanche in their early stage.

BetaMars is a metaverse project themed on constructing a “future homeland of human beings”. It is full of innovation, creativity and imagination. On the core of “human nature”, BetaMars team has developed various gameplay mechanisms to draw global players to build a dream country in BetaMars world. Players should make strategies to gambling and win rewards as well as forming the world’s rules and regulations.

According to BetaMars, for every additional 10,000USD in investing for the BetaMars project, a co-brand Ticket NFT with a logo of the investment institution will be released as planned, which will be given back to their community. For this reason, BetaMars is going to release 250 co-brand Ticket NFTs with the logo of Youbi Capital after this round of financing.

Here are 20 co-brand Ticket NFT numbers! Enter the number below to get one. Each number can be used only once.

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